November 25, 2009

Chelsea Premium Outlets

just read the news..and i found out that...

Chelsea Premium Outlets is gonna set up and outlet in Malaysia!!!!!

read more here: wo!!!!!

FYI, Chelsea Premium Outlet is the largest operator of premium factory outlet malls in US.

you can checkout their websites at

happy happy happy me!! =) =)=) =)









November 23, 2009

bad tudung day

ok i'm having one of this bad tudung day today. i don't have a bad hair day because i'm wearing the tudung. this tudung is kinda soft hence making it hard to shape it. i have a round face and with this tudung is making my face looked my rounder. bulat sangat2! maklumla i have put on a lil tiny winny weight.ahahahaha...

so how to overcome a bad tudung day without spending of $$$???

tadaaa!!! let me introduce you all to mr.handy dandy.

it's not only for wiping your hands but it fix your bad tudung. and the result: nice shaped-ly tudung.hahaha.

ok.the end.

happy mode =)

guess what? guess what? guess what??

I FINALLY GOT TO PURCHASE MY BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

excited.happy.bersyukur. if convert2 dan sebagai nye kire murah. hopefully it does look the same. and i hope it is a successful transaction..1st time ever do overdasea online shopping. thanks Shikin! and i hope it reaches here safely.

masa nak beli bag ni, i have to asked a few peeps about it.

baby: ok bah.putih ok je.
mama: 2-2 color pun ok. mama rasa mama pun nak satu. then kite leh tuka2. =)
ayah: putihla ok. nampak classy..tapi kena pandai jaga la.
jazz: orang suka putih
ajim: putih je la kaklong..cepatla..orang plak nak gune internet
aziq: kuning la.lain dr yg lain.orang memang suka color2
abang: mana je. asal kan pakai nanti.
jaan: tiada di rumah. die tengah exam skang ni. all da best bro!

satu rumah i asked for opinion. ye la.earning money is not easy..and neither is spending it. kena pikir banyak2.

conclusion: white it is.

i'm gonna go for a cake hunting in december. can anyone suggest where? this is not for moi..but for my bestfriend, fuz.

November 16, 2009

behind the rain there's the sun

i was kinda down today because the bag that i wanted to make as hantaran was not on sale anymore...some more the weather was raining and i had to go to the client's office. i hate walking in the rain when i'm working. if i was in a different situation, i love walking in the rain.skali skala nak kembali ke zaman riang kanak-kanak ribena. i love ribena!!ok my entry will be in a continuous mode. whatever i have in mind i will write eventhough it has nothing got to do with the post or whatever.

anyway..morning was dull, boring, down...after lunch..oh credit card buat hal lagi. i dunno what's wrong with it. sekejap leh pakai pekejap tak bole. kali ni error die..."unidentified card" woho. ape makne nye?? saya pu kurang pasti. nasib ada opismate ku terchinta menolongku. tu la..bile mama tny,"nak duit ke tak?" lain kali jawab je nak.hahaha..jangan nak tunjuk action.ok bab credit card takleh nak pakai dah tamat.back to my main idea...anyway...after that incident at the store, i went back to my office. bila sampai di meja.....JENG JENG JENG...ada bungkusan.
weeehooo!!!!a package from Labuan..with love~~~muahahahaa.gediks mode plak. since baby can't come back, he post the "thing" to me.hahaha..ini pun atas pujuk rayu tunang dia yang tak tau nak saba.hahahaha.thanks baby! love it! tak saba nak pakai. kena cari baju untuk match kan.ehehehe...tunggu baby balik and we shop ok?love love you.nak tau ape?ehehhe...lihat la...he knows what i like!aaaaaaaaaa...pandai baby pilih.

ooo...and that's his biz card. he gave me one earlier but i lost it at the postoffice. i was sending him our engagement picture.anyways...i need to buy this. ok i'm not good in this Gundam stuff but i need to get this. this will be one of our hantaran. yes it's a bit weird but we're cool with it.something different. i checked the price...there's like a few different price. i don't know why. can anyone explain why?

below is the picture when i accompanied Ija to the tailor. she wanted to explain to Aunty May about her bridesmaid's dress....the style???wow! gila hebat. abisla arina n i tenggelam. so we had dinner at Fish Manhattan. we should have ordered the platter's for one. we didn't finished it.hahaha.

November 10, 2009

is your weight ideal???

Your Weight is Ideal

Your BMI is 21.7 - a healthy BMI falls between 18.5 and 25

Congratulations, you are the perfect weight for your height.

Even though you may not be entirely happy with your weight, you are healthy.

So gain or lose a few pounds if you want, but don't go too crazy!

Don't agree? Blame the government standards we based this test on!

i love this..


mariah carey - i want to know what love is

masih lg emotionally disturbed.sekian.

emotionally disturbed

yep. the title of this post is how i'm right now.

how it started? i dunno. maybe it's a mix of stress here and there. actually work has nothing got to do with this.

bengong jap. sape suruh tengok cerita sedih. but i didn't know that it's a sad movie. so after watching this movie, my eyes were red. i cried like i haven't cried before.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....tak mau dah tgk cite ni. sedih bangat. ok walaupun sedih, i managed to find another song for my wedding. thanks to this movie.lepas tengok terus download.

i guess the hardest thing about being apart from each other right now is mainly preparing for the wedding. i feel like i have no support from him. maybe it's the wrong timing? maybe i'm too excited? maybe? maybe? maybe? cepat la masa berlalu so i don't have to feel like this. and right now...remembering what i said to others....right now...the most important thing is communication between us. if this fails then one by one will go down with it.

he may or may not read this. if he does i'm glad because i can't seem to send the message to him about how i feel right now. if he doesn't then it's ok. i'll still have a wedding to prepare. :)

see how emotionally disturbed i am right now?shoooott!!!!

November 02, 2009

lovey dovey entry

dah lama tak tulis entry yang lovey dovey.
jadi skang ni nak tulis entry yang lovey dovey. jadi be prepare la...

baby cepat la balik. rindu!!! dah sebulan tak jumpe.~~gedik kan? baru sebulan...
cepat la raya haji. sebab raya haji baby balik kan?kan? ~~cross finger hoping he is coming back..
pastu nanti if baby balik i know i will get something from him ~~sebenarnya tak sabar nak dapat benda tuh...
another thing, bila baby balik sini, we can discuss about the wedding. ~~cepat la abis kahwin ni.serabut otak and saya nak guna duit saya untuk shopping and bukan shopping untuk kahwin.

yay! planning for a trip to UK. next year insyaAllah. hope jadi. so lepas kahwin, kumpul duit untuk shop till i drop in UK!!!!!!!!~~baby jangan belikan souvenior you!

ok entry ni takdela lovey dovey sangat. itu je sy nak bagitau.sekian, terima kasih.