November 16, 2009

behind the rain there's the sun

i was kinda down today because the bag that i wanted to make as hantaran was not on sale anymore...some more the weather was raining and i had to go to the client's office. i hate walking in the rain when i'm working. if i was in a different situation, i love walking in the rain.skali skala nak kembali ke zaman riang kanak-kanak ribena. i love ribena!!ok my entry will be in a continuous mode. whatever i have in mind i will write eventhough it has nothing got to do with the post or whatever.

anyway..morning was dull, boring, down...after lunch..oh credit card buat hal lagi. i dunno what's wrong with it. sekejap leh pakai pekejap tak bole. kali ni error die..."unidentified card" woho. ape makne nye?? saya pu kurang pasti. nasib ada opismate ku terchinta menolongku. tu la..bile mama tny,"nak duit ke tak?" lain kali jawab je nak.hahaha..jangan nak tunjuk action.ok bab credit card takleh nak pakai dah tamat.back to my main idea...anyway...after that incident at the store, i went back to my office. bila sampai di meja.....JENG JENG JENG...ada bungkusan.
weeehooo!!!!a package from Labuan..with love~~~muahahahaa.gediks mode plak. since baby can't come back, he post the "thing" to me.hahaha..ini pun atas pujuk rayu tunang dia yang tak tau nak saba.hahahaha.thanks baby! love it! tak saba nak pakai. kena cari baju untuk match kan.ehehehe...tunggu baby balik and we shop ok?love love you.nak tau ape?ehehhe...lihat la...he knows what i like!aaaaaaaaaa...pandai baby pilih.

ooo...and that's his biz card. he gave me one earlier but i lost it at the postoffice. i was sending him our engagement picture.anyways...i need to buy this. ok i'm not good in this Gundam stuff but i need to get this. this will be one of our hantaran. yes it's a bit weird but we're cool with it.something different. i checked the price...there's like a few different price. i don't know why. can anyone explain why?

below is the picture when i accompanied Ija to the tailor. she wanted to explain to Aunty May about her bridesmaid's dress....the style???wow! gila hebat. abisla arina n i tenggelam. so we had dinner at Fish Manhattan. we should have ordered the platter's for one. we didn't finished it.hahaha.


msApple said...

perlu ker nk letak muka sy yg sumpah selebet niii...

Sheecane Awang said...

i am so sorry Sarah !! You didn't tell me that i was for your hantaran~~~

I feel so bad now =(