November 10, 2009

emotionally disturbed

yep. the title of this post is how i'm right now.

how it started? i dunno. maybe it's a mix of stress here and there. actually work has nothing got to do with this.

bengong jap. sape suruh tengok cerita sedih. but i didn't know that it's a sad movie. so after watching this movie, my eyes were red. i cried like i haven't cried before.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....tak mau dah tgk cite ni. sedih bangat. ok walaupun sedih, i managed to find another song for my wedding. thanks to this movie.lepas tengok terus download.

i guess the hardest thing about being apart from each other right now is mainly preparing for the wedding. i feel like i have no support from him. maybe it's the wrong timing? maybe i'm too excited? maybe? maybe? maybe? cepat la masa berlalu so i don't have to feel like this. and right now...remembering what i said to others....right now...the most important thing is communication between us. if this fails then one by one will go down with it.

he may or may not read this. if he does i'm glad because i can't seem to send the message to him about how i feel right now. if he doesn't then it's ok. i'll still have a wedding to prepare. :)

see how emotionally disturbed i am right now?shoooott!!!!

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