December 15, 2009

ade mood so tulis la

my future FIL is in the hospital. he's been in the hospital for almost 9 days already. i do hope the doc will refer him to IJN. risau ok. and kesian ok. hope all will be better. my parent tak abis2 suruh i call baby and ask how's abah is doin. everyone's worried. sekejap doc kata jantung die lemah sekejap doc kata jantung die ok. tp kaki die takde buat ape2 pun. amik darah dah banyak kali sampai lebam2.kesian sangat. suruh puasa sebab nak bius masa cuci kaki tuh tp skali tak jadi nak cuci. sebab darah cair plak. okla. kena tunggu lagi 1 week baru bole cuci kaki. tp abah dah tak sanggup nak duduk kat hospital.kesian kena a lay-man infection.

hari ahad lepas tgk abah, teman baby gi sunway. die nak check-in. he has training at puchong and that's the hotel the company booked for him. sampai je terus check in. skali ada problem plak. they can not verify the letter for payment of some sort. so we end up have to pay. firstly they want full payment. OMG was the only thing that came out from my mouth. mana nak cari duit untuk bayar full payment. then the manager came and said we can pay for 1 day and they will refund once they have verify the letter. next thing to do, find an atm machine so we can pay for the deposit.hehehe...kelakar gile sbb 2-2 tgh kekurangan duit so kena catu2 duit.hehehe...takpela..asal later leh dpt blk. once dah amik duit and byr, the boy tanya.."this room only comes with breakfast for 1. do you want me to make it for 2?" both of us replied, "no!", then the boy looked at us..and waits for us to say "no!". ehehehe..kesian je. so then baby went up and put his bag away and we went for dinner. i was starving. end up makan kat kedai mamak depan hotel. nasi goreng ayam RM6. wohhooooo....mentang2 la kat sunway. nasi goreng ayam kat Abbas Rm3.5 je....nasib la sedap. after dinner baby send me home. sesat kejap tp sesat for a good reason bcoz baby knows how to go to his training place next day. :)

i was reading B2B blogs and suddenly came to rumahkebaya. they're are having promo right now. i think la. so i texted baby...and guess what he replied?... "sounds cool...bile nak pegi?" my reaction??? WOW!!!! baby nak pegi terus? hehehehe...slalu tak camni. i dunno what he has in mind but i loike it.hehe. is it too early?? apa pendapat korang? rumahkebaya bole ke nak survey2 dlu? skali kena book trus abis la kiteorg. kiteorng ni jakun ok...all this wedding2 stuff. we actually have no clue ape kena buat sebenarnye...hahaha...ada guideline? i know i know...i;ve been buying pengatin magazine but i end up looking at the pictures je..i should be excited.well i am excited but takot! normal la kan? bile baca B2B blog...rasa macam eh....terer nye dieorg nih. dah tau nak theme color, baju design camne and etc. and i'm still lost. maybe i rasa the day jauh lagi kot. ntahla. i tak tau ape nak cakap.oooo...btw...semalam mama kata, "mus nak tunang bulan 1...die dah dapat auora from ur engagement."hihihihi...cute je.FYI, mus is my cousin. die ni senyap je...susah nak dengar die cakap. so yay! bole tlg kak zuhara wat hantaran nnt.ehehehe. happy for him! congrats aza!

conclusion: hope my future FIL sembuh cepat, congrats to my cousin, Mus and his future wife, Aza. bile la i nak serious when making decision for my wedding?

la fin~~


~nasrah~ said...

Ni lg sorg.kecik2 gatal nk kawin.langkah bendul.hahaha..

p/s:patut mintk adiah langkah bendul kt pejal kan..haha

wafiy said...

salam kak Maisarah.. nak pggil ape pon x tau..hhuhu, wafiy nih adik baby..huhu
makaseh byk2 sbb amek berat sama ayah saye..moga Tuhan memberkati mu n sekeluarga..InsyaAllah

dYnA said...

sarah! when is d-daY? w-day?
dah kne cpat2 decide theme & survey2 dah taw.

x semestinya pgi tgk kne deposit trus!