December 02, 2009

communication is the key

if u asked baby, he would agree to this.
if u asked me, i would totally agreed to it.

this what we have trouble in right now. we don't have the right time to chit chat on the phone. no more "'s ur day?" or "what did you have for dinner?" and it goes on and on and on. now it's more like "baby..yadadadadadadadadadadadadada" either from him or from me and the other person on the line, which is either me or him, would be half asleep. we would only reply..."hmm..aaaa...oooo". it depends who is the most tired one, usually him, or if it's too late at night, which is me. i sleep at 10pm.
so now. to avoid any communication breakdown, we sms. hahaha...but sms-ing would mean you could end up waiting for reply after 24 hrs or even more. for sms-ing, sometimes there's problem with the network so you either get a delayed reply or your sms was meant to be sent sooner but never got out of your outbox. then we rely on the delivery/send report service. but sometimes you can't trust this also especially when it's raya, chinese new year or etc.
oh talking about that, this year, to celebrate Christmas, we have a new decoration instead of the old big, tall christmas tree.

~meet the gingerbread family~

~gingerbread's house~

he might be coming back next week and i might not be able to see him.wonderful!!!!! whooppee!!

so how to fix this problem we had??? i write in the journal that he gave me 4 yrs ago. yes. it's all in there. love joy surprise anger sadness fear.

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