December 28, 2010

KK Trip

My KK trip was awesome eventhough there was so many probs at the very last minute.

1st prob: so i depart from kl to labuan on thursday and arrived at labuan about 9pm. waited for my luggage but it never came out. so i checked with the luggage guy.."oh..bag ini masih di kl cik.." i went,"huh? kl? tp sy check in awal..pukul 10 pagi..dah la bag sy tu kecik tak smpi 5kg..pun takleh smpi cni ngan selamat??"the luggage guy,"itu sy tak tau knape..takpe sy suruh mereka send ke cni esok..." i said, "tp esok sy gi KK..bole send trus ke hotel KK sy??sy dok kat 1Borneo..."luggage guy said, "ok bole.and cik bole claim juga..apa2 nnt sy call"....well luckily i had left some clothes before so at least i have some baju to wear the next day. how to shop for new ones when all the shops are already closed. ok so that was about my luggage.

2nd prob: we had to change our ferry ticket and buy ticket for me. why need to change the ferry ticket? ehem...well my hubby managed to get his car!!! yep mitsu asx.yay!!!! so there we were going back and forth from the kastam to the mitsu showroom and the ferry terminal.running here and there.our ferri was at 1.30pm. we got our car at 11am. we have only 1 hr before check-in.hehehe..and to top our rush here and there, labuan jam!!!!! baby went out and walked to the ferry terminal.i drove the car and park somewhere.hehehe..ok at last..alhamdullillah.sume ok. we board the ferry and we're on way to KK babeh!!! the ferry ride took almost 2 hrs to reached menumbok. so i end up sleeping in the comfy.hahahaha.

once arrived at jetty menumbok, we head out way to KK.

this time it's a 2 hr ride. oh kesian kereta baby. baru dapat terus's a good enjoyed driving it. when we reached KK it was nite so we had our dinner at Jesselton Point. makan nasi goreng and lauk-pauk. and then head to the hotel. and my arrived safely at the hotel at 11pm.

saturday we spend the whole day travelling. we had breakfast at the hotel and shoot out to Kudat.

So we head out to Tip of Borneo. the trip was 3 hrs drive.huhuhuhu..jauh. we reached tip of borneo around noon and took some pictures and drank coconut juice.sedap!!! then we went back to our hotel, had lunch...kfc..hehehhe..and then straight to KK city again. this time for shopping. we went to the Filipino market, Ikan Masin market and had dinner there.

on sunday at 4am, we head back to menumbok to catch the speedboat to labuan.we left the car at menumbok. because my flight was from labuan back to kl in the morning so tak sempat nak bawak kereta balik skali. the speedboat ride was only 30 minutes...went back home.freshen up and then head to the airport. waited at the airport for some time when we realized that the flight was delayed. so went back home again and slept. then at 1pm went back to airport and board my flight back. reached kl at 6pm and ate a whole lot of chocolates!!!hahahaha...

the end.

thanks baby for bringing me jalan2. we need to go to KK again. and this time to Ranau and you.

December 09, 2010


i was google-ing today and i came across this app. you can have an online scrap book which is called a scrap blog. nice. but i already have a blog so what i did is to generate a scrap page and export it in jpeg then i upload it here.hehehe. you can even print it straight.nice kan. macam- macam benda leh buat. just need a lil' bit of here's my first.

ok got to continue work. i can't wait to test something back...managed to get the parcel.hope both of them will like the gift.

December 08, 2010

danger in Vietnam

i just came back from vietnam.
and my advice is to those who wants to go there...

go with a strong mindset and heart or else..

you end up.....


just like me.hehehe.

it was fun shopping in vietnam. bargaining is the most important skill of all.hahah.

we went to chu chi tunnel. freaking cool!! i wonder if the soldier ever get lost under there.
we went to mekong river..superb..i like riding the sampan. laju betul dieorg dayung sampan.
we went to war museum.kinda of sad seeing all those being tortured during the war period and the effect of some of the weapons they used during the was being carried down until 3rd generation.huhuhu.
we went to ben thant market which is the place to shop. you can get everything from coffee beans, flowers, bags, shirts..well you name it..alomost everything is there. you can even get a tailor made baju, pants, a day!

i so want to go there again! ahahahahaha...will post picture soon.

December 01, 2010

vietnam! and some stuff

tomorrow we will be heading to vietnam.
oh yay! no work! just play!

bag is all packed up and the name of a store suggested by my friend. i should be mentally and emotionally prepared to do some damage to my bank account.(like it's not damage enough..gosh!)

another exciting thing happened today.yay! happy happy me! but not gonna tell yet until i see it in front of my eyes..

someone gave me a birthday wish list. guess what is on it?
macbook pro. omg. i need to start saving up for it. i got only 4 months! ayayayayaya! i went to check out the price and my golly gosh. that's why i'm repeating again...i need to save up now!!

work wise...well after the trip i should see myself busy until january. and i'll be returning to Perth. another reason as why i need to save money again.why la everything have to involve money.huhuhu..takmo gi bole?hehehe..

November 25, 2010

just another ordinary day

it's been awhile since my last update.

since my wedding, i think all my weekends are filled with some plans..may it be planned or just a last minute thingy. i think i'm exhausted. i just want to stay at home and not go out.just one day..saturday or sunday. even my parents are noticing this.and some more..i go out not with hubby because he's not around. i'm either out with friends or families. this weekend i'll be going back to melaka. next weekend i'll be in vietnam. next weekend, i'll be in makngah's house and next will be in my mother-in-law's and next will be in labuan n kk.i got all my weekends booked already.

nak duduk rumah senyap and layan tv or read books.i miss those times.

can't wait to go to our yearly holiday with bffs. this time vietnam. hope everyhting will go as planned. we all should be excited about going right? but it's kinda weird now because everyone is busy with work...we have no time to prepare ourselves for the trip!!!

ok. see you in another 2 weeks baby.jangan makan sambal tu banyak2.nanti sakit u.

November 10, 2010

here we go again

him: mana best antara choice2 ni?
me: hmm..tak sure..up to you..i sokong je whatever decision u made
him: kaler?
me: hmm...kena tgk live..baru tau ni tgk website mmg sume cantik
him: susahnye!!!

~~who said it's going to be easy...hahahah...glad mine was settled! :)


November 08, 2010

labuan and etc..

how did you spend ur deepavali hols?

i went to labuan! yep.melawat suami tercinta.ehehe.
of course it was great and tiring. i guess not enough rest from travelling. came back from perth on 2nd then on 5th fly off to labuan. then came back on 7th and now back to work.
my shoulders hurt so bad. too much weight put on while carrying the laptop and ikan bilis.hahaha.

sibuk sgt sbb travel sampai tak sempat nak meet up with my frens.huhu. miss them. got to plan lunch with them. thank god we still communicate with emails. at least we're not lost and keep updated about one them.

ohhh..can't wait to spend time in vietnam with them. yay! travel lagi.hahaha. and that reminds me....i have to pay the balance for the trip. too bad Fuz can't join us.huhuh..i hate when work interfere personal time.don't worry dear, we'll buy souvenirs for you k darling!

after vietnam...then travel to KK.yay! a short trip but it's gonna be fun fun fun! drive around in KK.yay.thanks ya.btw..thanks for spending time with me in labuan eventhough you had to be called in to work..thanks for bringing me to eat ketam.this time was superb compared to last...ketam besar and fresh.maybe musim kot.too bad takde laksa or else it would have completed my "food i want to eat when i returned to malaysia" list.hehe. i've always had a list of food that i'm craving for while travelling abroad..huhu..i don't know why..hehe.

anyway i had a blast in perth. thanks to Vic. :) we went to Frementle and Subiaco and around the city. i got to see dolphins while i was on the train to frementle. how cool was that???the dolphins were swimming quite close..huhu..maybe they were lost.hehehe.didn't shop that much though..huhu.i kena mintak gamba from Vic.i forgot to bring my camera...later i upload some photo in perth.

i think somewhere in between maybe i'll go and visit my U again.hehehe..this time as a consultant and not as a student.huhuhu...i'll be teaching those student there.hahaha. how awkward will that be!!!hehe. hope everything goes on well there. thinking of bringing my bros along since it's school hols already.hehe.

i need cuti. nasib next week cuti.yay!

November 04, 2010

welcome twins!

congrats to arina's brother and kak mas...they got twins. congrats oso to arina..selamat ber-babysitting.hehehe..and to thaqif..selamat menjadi abang yg baik.ehehehe..
welcome to the world darlings!

October 31, 2010

miss home, miss friends, miss all of em'

i can't wait till tomorrow is over.
i'm stress.
why suddenly this thing doesn't work?
arrghhh..geram nye sy...sekejap ok sekejap tak.

eh..layan offspring plak.

nak balik. rindu semua orang.

miss baby oso. esok 1 bulan genap sebagai suami isteri. tapi not much different pun rase.
sebabnye masing - masing berjauhan. ohh wish him was here...closer.

question, "am i fulfilling my responsibilty as a wife?"
i do hope the answer is YES. only he can answer this.

ohh tak sabar nak balik. then leh hang out with ija, arina and sape2 je la. walaupun takde gossip tp we will always have something to talk about.

skang tgh layan Juno plak.lagi skali sy ulang..saya mahu pulang.sekian.

miss them!!!!!!

October 11, 2010

ford fiesta test drive @ souled out

it was awesome!!!

that's all i can say.

and i 've placed my booking already.hahahahaha.

it's cool enough for me. oh my first i'm gonna have another baby.hehehe..jgn jeles syg..

i'm his legally

hehehe..yay dah selamat dah. i am now finally married to my dear baby, faiz.
takyah nak pening kpala lagi.weeehoooo...
i would like to thank my dear friends, ija, fuz, arina, huda, ainul, fiena, fatin, syatul for being with me during all the events.
i would like to thank eman n hakeem for taking our's nice. can't wait to see the rest.
of course i would like to thank my families for helping out with the wedding.
i love you all so much!!!!!muakkksss...

September 26, 2010

He's the 1!

He's the 1 that makes me smile. He's the 1 that makes me cry. He's the 1 that broke my heart. He's the 1 that heals me back. He's the 1 that ignores me. He's the 1 that understands me. He's my other half. He's the ONE!

September 22, 2010

how will it be after?

i have a few questions that are toggling in my's quite annoying but then i refused to know the answers to it. why? because i'm afraid. chicken~~~

we've know each other for quite some time..and now we are moving into a different phase in life. what happens after this? will it be colorful like the nippon paint posters? will it continue to be the same? wohoooooo...the more questions i typed the more questions that comes out.i better stop.

my parents told me that i don't plan. yes. hands down. i don't have a plan. i go with whatever that comes next. people asked how will it be after getting married. i say..same as now. he's in labuan and i'm in kl. their expression changes. then they asked, are you sure? i replied yeah..i don't have a plan. i don't plan i just go with the flow. yes there's gonna be some chaos but that's the thing that keeps me awake and rolling. i know that this worries my parents a lot. because so far...all the things happened to me is like sudden. it's like eating a new chocolate bar..oh forrest gump is like a box of chocolate, you'll never know what you're gonna get. i don't plan in advance...i plan when the time comes.hahahaha.

well...just go with the flow.

p/s: i'm worried sick about getting married.pfftfttt!!!

September 21, 2010

it's getting closer

tinggal 1 week je until the day.


invitation card sudah pun dihantar. terima kasih kepada ija, ajue sbb tolong edarkan kad.hehe.

i've been sick for the last few days. rasa mcm nak semput but not yet. hope takde la semput. been taking medicine. just that i've been going to the toilet quiet frequently nowadays. is it bcoz i'm nervous or i ate something wrong.but then everytime i eat i end up going to the loo. this can be a good and bad thing. good...i can be slimmer. bad...i feel tired easily. semoga i will be sihat in those days.

i tak jumpe fuz pun lg. tau2 die dah ada ehem baru.wah wah wah...bestnye. aritu dpt berbuka puasa ngan huda. it was nice. for such a long time been planning to meet up at last dapat gak jumpe. nak tunjuk kad kawin saya...taddaaa!!!

saya suka kad saya...tapi saya lagi suka belah laki nye kad..heheh..thank you faez for making my wed card. if sesiapa nak order bole la gi jenguk website die...ilikecard. leh order tq tag, kad, and macam2 lagi.

August 27, 2010

where i'm @ now..

1. Solemnization
* bride's attire - Ulik Mayang - collect baju on 10th of raya
* groom's attire - Ulik Mayang - collect baju on 10th of raya
* accessorizes - Ulik Mayang
* documents - done
* catering - done - D'Hidang
* photog - done - eman
* hiv test - done
* kursus kahwin - done
* room decoration - in the process
* door gift - done
* mua - done - Kak Zuhara

2. Persandingan
* bride’s attire - Ulik Mayang - collect baju on 10th of raya
* groom’s attire - Ulik Mayang - collect baju on 10th of raya
* accessorizes - Ulik Mayang
* pelamin - Ulik Mayang
* mua - booked Nurin
* photog - done - eman
* catering - done - D'Hidang
* invitation card - in the process - ilikecard
* room decor - in the process
* door gift - tinggal telur and lollipop
* bunga pahar - done
* wedding cake - D'Hidang
* thank u tag - DIY
* gubahan hantaran - Kak Zuhara

3. Bertandang
* bride attire - Ulik Mayang - collect baju on 10th of raya
* groom attire - Ulik Mayang - collect baju on 10th of raya
* accessorizes - Ulik Mayang
* pelamin - Kak Amy - Kclub
* mua - booked Kak Sada - deposit paid
* photog - eman
* hall d├ęcor - Kak Amy - Kclub
* catering - Kak Amy - Kclub
* door gift -
* gubahan hantaran - Talon
* wedding cake - Kak Amy - Kclub

4. Lune de miel (Honeymoon)
* hotel - done
* flight tickets - done
* itinerary
* rental car

August 25, 2010


1 month and 1 week to go. after that i don't have to worry about it anymore!yay!

today is our anniversary.
emm...bapa tahun not so sure..6 kot.hehehe..oh well doesn't really matter. what matter now is that we love one another and our relationship is stronger than before. and hope that it will after as well.

why is it that bile lama lagi nak kawin keje takde langsung and then bile time nak kawin keje datang melambak- lambak. ishkk..rimas btul.nasib dah bagitau boss nak kawin and nasib sume leave untuk kawin dah approved. ape yang nak buat??bole tak i nak live day by day...just see how it flows. sebab lagi i worry lagi benda tak menjadi.hehe.

harap2 kad bole dapat. for the time being, i've collected all the address and email of guests. later nak print. then bile dapat just lekat je.

nak raya dah. biskut pun tak wat lagi. wiken ni baru nak start. semoga sume plan wiken ni menjadi. baju raya pun i tak beli lagi.huhu..i mean..baju kurung dah ada a few so that's all baju casual..huhu..takde mood nak beli sebab makin gemuk.hahahaha.berat langsung tak berubah masa bulan puasa.huhu..okla. tak berubah..dari bertambah lagi truk kan?

azani nak kawin dah. kena plan ngan dyna n aifa if they want to go together..rindu nak jumpe nak jumpe mama wany and baby die.heheh..mesti dah besar. suruh wat list of all the people yang terlibat untuk menjayakan majlis perkahwinan kiteorg..alhamdulillah sume orang yang terlibat have been very nice to nanti i will do the list and post it in here.

the end.

August 19, 2010

i'm running out of time

baby was right. i'm gonna post this in my blog.
i have a problem. my invitation card...i may not be able to get it before raya.
oh dear.
i texted fuz..she sends hers 2 weeks before, for long distance, 3 weeks before.
oh dear.
how am i gonna do this?
early morning while driving, mama asked...mana kad?sepatutnye dah dapat...
oh dear.
my parents trust me to handle this one thing and i failed.
i'm so pissed off with myself. i'm angry with me.
baby said think positive. i'm trying to...i didn't sleep well last nite and now i have panda eyes.
oh dear.
wish me all the best in getting my cards on time.

August 06, 2010

kangaroo land

i'm again in australia..but in a different state.

this time i'm in sydney.
yes..darling harbour and opera house...

haven't took any pictures yet but i will tomorrow. my dad's friend's daughter is gonna bring me around. hope i can lotsa of piccas.yippie.

work here so far is according as planned. i hope everything will go smooth until the last day.

after sydney, i'm off to perth and meet Yip.hehehe..yay! ada kawan kat sana. nnt leh makan kat indonesian restaurant tu again.

i can't wait to go back to my bed...aaaaaa..i miss everyone back in malaysia. nasib ada ym so leh la chatting..

i have one month left. so far i think my preparations for the wed is ok. i'll go for fitting when i returned. then send those off to dryclean...i don't want to be itchy and all.

July 28, 2010

i'm having weird feelings

yep..i read it in reader's digest.

you know how sometimes you get the butterflies in your tummy? well i read this one article that this feeling is actually good. but the writer did not call it butterflies but he called the weird feeling.

he's a standup comedian and everytime he goes out on stage he will get the weird feeling. when he changed the terms of this to weird feeling, it actually boost his confidence level and made him believe that the show will be just fine. can i feel like that??aaaaaa...

ok now, let's go back to me.hehe.yes me. i'm having this weird feeling right now. i think it's because of the work that i have to do. oh dear. i really hope that everything goes well. the more i read the more i confused myself. oh no...what's happening to me. i'm more afraid of this then getting married!

i have to be strong. i'm going away to kangaroo land and you know how i am when i'm away from malaysia.boohoo...oh please pray that everything will be ok there.... back hurts lately. it's quite often now. usually i only have when it's coming to that time of the month.i feel so old.
now i have this...pinjam opismate nye.thank you.

July 19, 2010

thanks baby

i must say..towards nak kawin nih, my baby has done a very good job in handling stuff.
well he did forget to bring back his wedding book for the second time but he remembers all the things that needs to be settled.and with the short holiday he took, i am so proud because he managed to do all the things plus extra.well done sayangku.

hence, all the hard work he's done, now he has a fever.kesian baby. i'm not that worried because he's here so there's a lot of people can take care of him including me. if he was back in Labuan then i would be worried. my guy susah sikit nak makan ubat or see the doctor. if die sakit he would tahan and just rest. sometimes i kena membebel panjang lebar just to make him go to the doctor.nanti dah kawin tak membebel dah.heret je sayang ke klinik. nasib i reti drive.hehehe..

today we're finally gonna go make our invitation card for the wedding. all of my dear friends are so worried that i haven't made the cards yet. so my dear friends, jangan riso dah. i'm gonna go do the cards today.nasib ayah pun approved walaupun die still tak dapat imagine how the card is.hehehe...i dah tunjuk gamba pun die sengeh..."ayah taktau la rupe die...takleh nak nampak okla.buat je la." i even did some sample for him then he said, "still tak tau camne it will turn out because ni kertas a4 putih je...tak sama"oh well...i don't know what else to do. takpela ayah.tunggu je la hasil card tersebut.

last saturday, went to see Kak Su. baby wanted to alter a bit of his tux but then tak jadi. end up, i yang fitting baju reception.hehehe. Kak Su ckp, "ni kecik kan perut ni sikit.kak su amik measurement baju nikah..aritu fitting ok je..kecik kan sikit tau"HAHAHAHAHAHA..i'm dead.i so do need to buy corset now.hehehe.

now to end this post, i would like to thank my baby for being so sabar and layan je kerenah and mood saya yang macam angin taufan. and thank you also for trying your best to settlekan all the things that were pending sampai baby demam.get well soon you.

July 12, 2010

world cup is over dll

so the world cup is over.
no i didn't watch the game.i mean i watch like 5 mins then i changed the channel.
traffic will be back.
now kena tolak from work earlier.
and office will be full with people again.
i wish world cup is not yet over.

i have 2 more months.
kad kahwin pun blom tempah.
i guess that's all that's pending as for now.

met up with Kak Su. she's starting on our baju already.
and sayangku have not yet tempah his tux.hopefully he will when he comes back.

oh another great news..after 2 years of nothing at last we got something.
betul ape orang tua cakap..bile nak bina masjid, pintu rezeki akan terbuka.
Alhamdulillah ours have. terima kasih. syukur.

oh pengapit saya bercadang mahu pakai warna pink..maka pengapit faiz, sile la cari baju pink.hehe..maybe we should provide the kain to our pengapits??? what do you think boo?

isi borang kahwin sangat complicated. especially in my case.uwaaa...i'm torn.
why suddenly semua nak emo and sensitif over this matter? both important to me but please just be happy with what i have decided..can?both will be there. so the end. hope both will understand my decision and i think it's fair to both.sekian.

saya tengah cari kereta sewa untuk pegi ke langkawi nanti. i've emailed a few but all of them have not yet returned any replies. pegi sana baru cari ke?tengokla camne.

my dear friend is away for her trip. hope she's enjoying her holiday. she should. forget about work for awhile. have fun dear. =)

June 28, 2010

another 3 days it will be 2 months

the wedding ticker is really useful.
i only have 2 months left after 3 days.
waa..nak dekat kawin dah.

arini sy telah bercadang utk mengambil Kak Sada for my makeup on his side. Price pun not bad. within my budget.

my cousin is i need to find someone who can replace her.she said..if you don't mind when people berenjis and tanya how months i'm pregnant, then i can still be your pengapit.hehehe..she was joking la. she say better not.nanti die grumpy.ehehe..wokeh.

ape lagi tinggal untuk buat? smlm beli carpet and kain baju melayu for my brothers.sebenarnye kalau nak ikut kan...banyak lagi benda kena beli. we are starting to pay installment for our photographer. so by the time our wedding it will the last payment which only to be settled once we get the output.

kepada bridesmaid2ku skalian...hope u gals dah anta ur baju. ;)

June 22, 2010

celebrations in 1 go!

it feels like the best week of all. why? bcoz he's back. this time we spend a lot of time together.weeee...best2. lama tak jumpe. i think almost 2 months kot.

so the day he arrived in kl, we straight away meet up. we settle with the hantaran stuff. so i bought him his ring and watch. and i got a bday present as well. so barang hantaran sume dah settle. just tinggal the sirih junjung and etc. see what i got for my bday from baby...

we made appointment for the HIV test. see the reception hall for his side. thanks to my friend whom intro to us this club. luckily still available but then need to wait for umi's approval.hope she will say ok or else i have no idea where else to look for a hall. go and see tailor for his baju. price ok but then need to find the perfect design.

had a bday celebration with office mate on friday. die blanje lunch at aseana. makan 2 orang je tp food was like for 4 people. balik office 2-2 macam ular sawa.heheheh.nasib blaja gune photoshop and end up main photshop sampai tunggu time nak balik.hehehehe...what a day. keje tp cam tak keje.wakakaka.

we had dinner on sunday with dad. he was supposed to belanja but end up dad yang paid for everything.hehehe.but he did belanja the cake. :) got a bday present from them. kad yang comel with lots of words from 7-11, the new nickname for my lil bro, qifi, because he never stops talking.ehehehe. so the celebration was to celebrate mum's bday, my bday and father's day. ehehe.

monday we spend time eating, chatting and HIV test. muka baby relief when all went ok. like duh...kite memang la sihat.hehehe...he did something really funny at the clinic which made me laugh non guy is so cute!sorry ye.well we spend almost all day together yesterday. best!

today meeting him for lunch with his sister. and tomorrow he's off to labuan again. gonna see him in 1 month time.he has to come back often now because of the wed preparation. oh congrats to shidan on his wedding. his mom was like very nice and friendly.

i still kagum with shidan's wife because berjaya pakai headgear tersebut.....

June 11, 2010

all leaves are approved ;)

yes i have applied leaves for my raya and wedding. and all have been approved. i have a project that will last until after my wedding therefore i'm informing my boss not to distrub me in the month of september and october. and hint hint to them to please find someone to handle the project while i'm gone. i actually used to have someone already to handle the project while i'm away but then the person called it off so as for now i have no one. let the boss decide on who. i've informed them early about this and i kept reminding them about it.hehehe..annoying little staff i am. i should update this in the schedule later.

kak su is starting to work on my attire for the reception. hope all goes smooth and well. and hope it turns out to be a gorgeous one also!!!

yesterday we talked about our hantarans. well there might be some slight changes on the hantaran. both of us decided that we wanted the new iPhone 4g but then it will take awhile for the phone to arrive here in KL. therefore we are not giving hp as one of the hantaran..instead we are replacing it by laptop and camera. he wants a laptop so he gets one. i want a simple canon camera where i can bring it anywhere and anytime.hehehe. i'm not into dslr so no need for the canggih canggih one. then later once iphone is here, we'll buy it!whoot!

i'll be making finalizing my guest list this weekend, by the beach, as requested by my parents. siap pesan bawak balik hard disk and thumbdrive. oh well, saya yang menurut perintah ikut je la.

i think my bunga telur for guest tak cukup la.i've already have 1200, which means 600 couples.hmmm...should i buy some more? i wonder if ssf still have stock.oh dear.other than adults, the rest will get lollipops. the gift for malam nikah i think is enough. just the ladies will get them. i made like 50 of it.nikah not really mane people are invited just close families and i think it's sufficient.

i have also sketch my pelamin for nikah and sanding. just need to tell the responsible party to make it. bilik pengantin plak, i dah tempah langsir, bedsheet dah beli, perabot gune existing je, just need to buy carpet, some deco for the bilik...vase and etc. konsep bilik pengatin is totally white.suci murni.

maybe after holiday, we will call the caterer to discuss about the food and all. i'm suggesting my parent to use long tables instead of round ones to save space. maybe the vip's table we can have it round but for guest will be long.hope they will agree with this. my main concern for the reception is the food MUST be DELICIOUS and my guests are COMFORTABLE. yes, that's quite hard to achieve because we're having the reception at my house and i just can't predict what the weather will be like in october.

dear baby, please finalized your guest list so that we can start ordering the invitations. thanks dear.

i have one question. borang HIV amik katne? should i go to pejabat agama or just the klinik? anyway mine would be under selangor. confusing betul.

June 02, 2010

mata kanan berkedip kedip

there's something wrong with my right eye. die berkedip- kedip. rasa macam annoying kadang2.
bile dalam discussion or meeting, we talk and look at people and it's distracting when the eye keep moving. i wonder if other people notice my right eye is moving.

i googled it up. some people says it's a good sign. some says it's a bad sign. i'm saying i think it's due to my stress.huhu. ape plak doctor will say? ntah2 die kata sakit mata and bg eye-drop and then mc 2 hari. wohoooo bestnye if dpt mc 2 hari. i like likey.i takde mood nak keje sangat because got some sad news and i don't like the environment that much anymore. maybe i'm just bored with the work that i've been doing.

ohh mata berhenti bergerak. kadang rasa nak letak tape kat mata so die takleh nak gerak.ehehehe..nnt orang kat opis ingat i ni gile.ehehehe.

eh ticker dah jd 3 bulan je? huhuhu...sekejap je masa berlalu. i can't wait to go on holiday. i need a change in work. mari berjalan2 cari idea.

ok i realized this post macam serabut. sekejap cakap pasal mata, sekejap cakap pasal keje..berterabur.nampak sangat my life right now tengah serabut.


May 25, 2010

jantung berdebar

i letak ticker untuk buat i sakit jantung.

biar everytime tengok ticker tu rase suspen and rasa nak lari dari everything and just hide myself

i ada this mood where i don't like to socialize and meet anybody. rasa nak dok sorang and layan diri sendiri. i like to talk to myself. ye..i dah mula merepek sbb dah tengok ticker tuh. cepat sungguh masa berlalu.

let's run and hide.

May 17, 2010

where i'm at when there's 5 months to go

my preparation for wedding went to a stop a few months back. nothing have been done except for reading magazines and blog hopping from b2b to another b2b. work load is getting piled up.dunno when it's gonna finish. i malas nak pikir sume ni bole tak? penat la. bole ke amik cuti ni untuk kawin ni? maybe i should apply now.ehehe.

moving on. bday baby tak dpt celebrate because i was off for work in another foreign land. then he's not coming back in may. so next jumpe is in june.june 16th. ehem. he better be back bcoz june 18 is important.ehe.ehem.

yesterday went to try the treatment for 'sinus' at shah alam. it was under permata hijrah. so my bro and lil bro and me waited for our turn.everybody ends up having all the 'trapped mucus' coming out but not for me. i end up sneezing non-stop. nasib tak kena asthma.huhu. so then my treatment was free cause i have no idea... hehe. yay! but i end up buying the eye thingy..ape benda ntah die call's like cyclops nye spec but it urut-urut the!

baby is busy with planning wedding on his side. hope he's doing ok with that. if you need anything just gimme a call ye syg.

my fren..well one of bff is going through a hard time. not love life but work life. i think she's been thru a lot this year and last year. kesian die. i know she's gonna come back up bcoz that's what she'll here if u need me k. now for my room mate...she's off starting her new business. well more like family business. i wish her all the luck and may she be rich and then can belanja me one day.hahahaha.

yes..i dah anta my claim. sangat la susah nak wat claim.huhuhu.hope bole dapat cepat so i can settle all the bills.

did i mention before that i went for my nikah outfit fitting already? eheheh..yes. i managed to fit it in.mission berjaya for the time being. i still have like 5 months to go.ehehe.tetibe teigt kat my fren wat magic fingers..kak Su dah beli kain for the reception outfit. it's damn nice. hope it's nice when it's turned into the biasa je..knowing me..i need to be comfortable or else it's gonna ruin my special day.lupe plak nak amik gamba my nikah outfit.huhu..oh well let it be. baju baby pun dah siap. hope he will fit into it also.nanti sayang balik kite fitting sama2 k.

ohh..i dah jumpe. i nk beli chuppachup lollipops for my little guests nanti. haritu tengok kat mydin..100pcs = rm50, 1 pcs = rm0.5. pass. within my budget. i like! so i need to buy like 300pcs = rm150. yay!

hey..OMG....bilik honeymoon yang tengah survey tetibe jadi murah!!!! should i buy now or wait???? if cancel kena 100% payment..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..wait dulu la...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..berbelah bagi.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


kuat kan semangat and tak book.huhuhuhu...

oh my taman is gonna have wedding of the taman this week. ohh..ape la tugas yang telah di assign oleh jiranku??? yess...dayang. oh ape la yang perlu buat as one of the dayangs? i have no idea. maybe wednesday ada meeting for all dayangs kot. hopefully la that we won't end up confused and lost.

nak hias walkway like this bole tak en.caterer?

May 07, 2010


so sydney trip got cancelled and was replaced by perth trip
when you have to travel and work it's pretty're just like a bouncing ball where you just follow wherever they want to bounce you complaint just be grateful sarah get to see more of the world and yes it's sad that you're alone but then when you think about's not tht bad. at least you get to go somewhere.
so perth was fun and more relaxed than when i was in brisbane. i guess the work effects your mood as well. one thing i found really irratated is that the shops here close think you can go shopping after work but the time you reached the shop, the lady said..
"you got 5 mins love to shop"
"5 mins?? are you kidding??"
"no you got 4 mins"
i smiled then i ran to the toy department and grab my brother's stuff and grabbed 2 shirts and i didn't even look at the price tag.lucky i looked at the size for the shirts. then dash to the counter and pay. the lady was there and said...
"well done made it in 4 mins"..hahaha..i was smiling and happy that at least i got to shop. :)
so moving on..i went to perth zoo. nothing much..they got lots of penguins. cute. the koalas was way up in the tree..doozing away.very was nice. it was a good exercise but we didn't even break a sweat because the weather was nice and sunny not hot and not windy..just perfect.
so enough of me babbling...check out the pictures below...

May 02, 2010

updates on brisbane

i think this was the first plane i board for this was in KLIA..or was it in Singapore?ehehe..can't remember.oh well.

this is the city hall in brisbane. it is closed for some kind of work, only going to be back in 2012.

my friends, i met in brisbane. thanks guys for bringing me around...k, me, pica, tira and naja tgh amik gmba kiteorg.thank you so much.

ni building ape ek..i can't remember...byk sgt building smpi tak igt ape nama.huhu.hampeh.

tgh tggu nak cross the street...

ooo..brisbane pun ada ni..tak naik pun. it was AUD15..macam membazir jln2 pusing south bank..the wheel is located at south bank, just beside the brosbane river.

us with a box of krispe creme~~penat jalan, dok kejap utk berehat...

this is another bridge in brisbane..well brisbane got a few, one is for vehicles, one is for trains and this one is for pedastrians and cyclists.

yes..we were on the tank street..and the bridge name is kurilpa bridge. lots of rest stop along the bridge.very good...

bye bye brisbane and hello perth!! will update on perth soon. stay tuned.