January 26, 2010


what are the chances today that i meet some goodlooking guys???

HUGE chance and met some already!!!!!!!

Comel sangat sampai ternganga mulut tengok FA-guys...nasib ku tak keseorangan..my new friend pun ternganga tgk FA-gals yg cun2.hehehe.ok dua2 dah dapat tutup mulut.

ape chance nnt masa wat training at pool to be in a group of goodlooking guys???

well...hope ade HUGE chance gak.ahahahahaha...tadi dengar instructor kata kelas besar..around 40 people so....weee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

note to baby:- i still love you and still in love booboo.cuma dalam mode gatal jer...hehehe..i can't wait for u to be back.miss you booboo.

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