January 13, 2010

Dooney & Bourke has Arrived!

yippie!!!! at last my D&B bag has arrived safely to Malaysia and is now in my hands!!!!!
the size is quite big for a "medium". nasib tak beli large..ehe.no wonder la Shikin kata besar.ehe.
putih suci and bau leather! i like!!!bole beli lagi satu ni...hehehe..lucky me i got in on sale and it's less than what i budgeted.weeeeeeee.......i'm smiling up to my ears now.

thanks Shikin for helping me out.

ohh..arini makan chocs yg sgt byk. there's 7 different kinds of i took one kind each.this is what i like about having colleagues from US.hehehe...dpt mkn chocs free.thanks dude!

ni je tinggal.butterfingers and twix separuh.yang lain dah selamat masuk ke dalam perutku.

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