January 25, 2010

overdue post

this is an overdue post. it should be wriiten long time ago but because of she's so lazy..she postponed it until today.

as today, right now..she's waiting for the data to all be loaded up in her powerful machine and then she can do her work. it's takes around a few hours for some to be fully in the database. this is testing her patience. to fulfill the time, she now can update her blog.

this month, her schedule is very busy. as if~~no seriously..she meant it.every weekend she didn't spend time at home. her weekends were filled with jumping, modelling(part time model for ija n alif), eating, camwhoring, baby, weddings and etc. she missed spending time at home. oh her mom would love this if she knows about this.

tomorrow she's off for her Boset training. she hopes she will pass it so she can get a chance to go offshore. skali pun jadi la.she doesn't demand that much.~laugh~.will she meet goodlooking guys tomorrow?? this could be another objective of attending this training. ~evil laugh~

so what's up in the future?hmm..let's read her diary.oh btw..it's already 71% and she still have one more to import in.
  • sunway lagoon
  • send kain nikah to tailor.
  • go to tailor to measure baju bersanding.
  • dolphin show
  • shopping for hantaran stuff
  • cari door gift itu

holiday yang panjang tetapi tak duduk rumah lagi. she needs a break.

tips from cousin:

if you nak beli jam, make sure you get around 25% off. ask for it. if nak beli eyewear, ask for free stuff.

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