February 18, 2010


i think the reception on his side is gonna be a bit different. we're goin old school + classic..i think la...ehehe. it will be weird but i'm ok with it. i get 2 shoes..so i don't mind. :) when he is in the mood, you'll be surprise with his craziness and creativeness. the side i didn't really know that he has. it's a good thing i know now than later. takde la terkejut bila dah kahwin nanti. learn how to 'layan' when he is in this mood.

there's a lot of interesting expo gonna be held in March at PWTC..too bad he can't come back earlier or else can go to matta fair + wedding expo together. now i have to find another person to go with. nak cari deal yg best2 utk honeymoon. then ada book fair. weee...i want to subscribe to more magazines.hope ada yg menarik. check out the details for these + more events below.

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