February 08, 2010

who said it was easy?

ooo..lalalala..life is tough and getting tougher. yes..no one said that life is easy. we need to work hard to ensure our happiness. i'm taking a break now. my brain does not want to function as well as this morning. maybe i push it too hard.sorry my dear brain. i'm talking to my own brain. i bet it knows what i'm going to say before hand. of course la..because that's what brain do. interpret and sends messages.huhuhuhu....

take a deep breath and relax for awhile. let's have a conversation with my brain. ehem.

my brain: how to do la?
me: i dunno but better think fast.
my brain: i can't think la.
me: why not?
my brain: tired..too much thinking already.
me: but it's not yet 11..how can you be tired?
my brain: need something to boost me up.
me: ok..what do you have in mind?
my brain: let's eat? ooo..no..no..later can eat. how bout window shopping?
me: window shopping? we're running out of time and you want to window shop?
my brain: yes. it can help clear me off.
me: haiyaaa...can't we just go eat?
~~suddenly my stomach interrupts~~
my stomach: ye la brain...i'm empty..fill me up please.
my brain: ek ele...sibuk je perut ni. i need to clear myself first..
my stomach: she can't go window shopping if her stomach is empty..she won't have the energy.
my brain: hmm..good point. ok let's go eat then window shopping after ok?
me: anything's fine with me just as long as we can solve the problem out.
my brain & my stomach: GREAT!!! :)

did i mention that the Boset training was damn tiring?!! never in my whole 25 years ++ have i done that much of backstroke! can we skip sea survival and just do the huet next time? :D you wish! :P

lil story mory on wedding...baju nikah send for tailoring already. and baju sanding + baju bertandang also dah design and hope it will turn out pretty..cross finger. working on my door gifts right now. barang hantaran, dah beli a few. we shopped till Faiz demam. heheheh.get well soon baby. love ya.


Anonymous said...

Just be glad your brain works.

Pascal Marsèn said...

hello! your blog it's very nice!one kiss!