March 05, 2010

ayah sure likes this

everytime we attend a wedding, we would be looking and searching for the 'tuan rumah/majlis' right? sometimes,we don't even know who. so my ayah, decided that on my wedding day, he wants all the family member to wear a "ayah pengantin" "ibu pengantin" "abang pengantin" and so on la. you get what i mean right?

so while i was hopping away through some of the b2b blogs, i came across sassy's blog...and she posted something about this. and immediately i said to myself, "this is great". i think my siblings won't mind wearing this instead the one ayah wanted to offense ayah..but it's kinda embarassing if u wanted to wear something like u said.eheh. a cute lil' badge saying "bride's father","bride's mother" is excellent!here's some pictures taken from sassy's blog.

super cute! i like. now, mission is to search for someone who can do this. ehe.

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