March 29, 2010

sakit hati

tp sudah pulih. muahaha.he knows how to pujuk.damn pandai die.

i've been feeling a bit stressed. a mix of wedding prep, life, work. when i'm stresses it shows. all the little and big red spots popping out. so i just ignore it. malas la nak layan. just do the normal daily routine..wash, tone, moisturize. threading pun dah lama tak gi. mesti org yg slalu wat tu marah.huhuhu.

i've been reading about waxing..and maybe thinking of going but scared that i'm not able to tolerate the pain. is pain baby!oh gosshh..still thinking about it.thinking...thinking...oh well, if i do go am sure there's gonna be a post about it here.

he bought his hp already. excited about it. end up giving me sms looking like this => hI..Br BgN today he's learning on how to use the new phone. bole la skang nk video call.muahahaha...ohh..talking bout tht..i just remember tht we need to get stuff done at celcom..oh dear.have to take day off for it.

monthly financial closing is like the worst month that you could be in. ooo..i just don't like this ending- ending stuff. so many report to chase for closing. and like everyday you'll get a smile and a question "how r things with yadadadad?" i usually replied "oh..great.." but not this time.huhuhu..this person waits until you explain what is it you have done and what you intend to do next.hehe...i wish i know how to goreng!!!

my make-up for my reception has already been booked. thanks Fuz and Ija..ermmm..x sure plak if Arina masuk ke tak. i haven't answered her question they booked for me Nurin. sweet of them.

maybe tomorrow plan wanna go see some sample from photographer..kena amik cuti ke ek?huhu..esok je pk.hehehe.have to go to midvalley during lunch..maybe amik half day then settle celcom skali gus sume.woot!cuti best.

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