April 30, 2010

goodday mate!

blogging from brisbane now. it's 6:39am now. preparing myself to work.even though it's like 6 in the morning, the sun is out and it's lighting the city now..that's the view from my room. actually in front of my room is a tall building which i have no idea what it's call. i didn't have have any time yet to walk around coz been busy with work and by the time i finish work, it's dark already.
the river you see there is the river in brisbane. yup a river in the middle of the city. if i have time i wanna go to south bank. it's like the entertainment port.
1st day here, i was so tired bcoz can't sleep really well on the plane, then arrived here and straight away off to the office and have to think. black circles appeared around my eyes, making me looking like panda. i should be looking like a koala since i'm here.hahahaha..
so weekend, i will be off to perth. sydney trip got cancelled. maybe some other time. i'm grateful that my job allows me to see other part of the world so i shouldn't really brag about my salary or the benefits i'm getting. bersyukur. alhamdulillah.
i heard that certain company that i know is making some salary adjustment.best nye!!!!! i guess when my company knows, maybe they will adjust my salary oso. yippie.
ok mate..let's start working.oh..athirah is inviting me for a movie party tonite. hope i'll have enuff energy to go.haha..smlm athirah cooked dinner for me. sedap!!! hope can hang out with her some other time before i leave.thanks athirah and housemates. :)

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