May 07, 2010


so sydney trip got cancelled and was replaced by perth trip
when you have to travel and work it's pretty're just like a bouncing ball where you just follow wherever they want to bounce you complaint just be grateful sarah get to see more of the world and yes it's sad that you're alone but then when you think about's not tht bad. at least you get to go somewhere.
so perth was fun and more relaxed than when i was in brisbane. i guess the work effects your mood as well. one thing i found really irratated is that the shops here close think you can go shopping after work but the time you reached the shop, the lady said..
"you got 5 mins love to shop"
"5 mins?? are you kidding??"
"no you got 4 mins"
i smiled then i ran to the toy department and grab my brother's stuff and grabbed 2 shirts and i didn't even look at the price tag.lucky i looked at the size for the shirts. then dash to the counter and pay. the lady was there and said...
"well done made it in 4 mins"..hahaha..i was smiling and happy that at least i got to shop. :)
so moving on..i went to perth zoo. nothing much..they got lots of penguins. cute. the koalas was way up in the tree..doozing away.very was nice. it was a good exercise but we didn't even break a sweat because the weather was nice and sunny not hot and not windy..just perfect.
so enough of me babbling...check out the pictures below...

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