May 02, 2010

updates on brisbane

i think this was the first plane i board for this was in KLIA..or was it in Singapore?ehehe..can't remember.oh well.

this is the city hall in brisbane. it is closed for some kind of work, only going to be back in 2012.

my friends, i met in brisbane. thanks guys for bringing me around...k, me, pica, tira and naja tgh amik gmba kiteorg.thank you so much.

ni building ape ek..i can't remember...byk sgt building smpi tak igt ape nama.huhu.hampeh.

tgh tggu nak cross the street...

ooo..brisbane pun ada ni..tak naik pun. it was AUD15..macam membazir jln2 pusing south bank..the wheel is located at south bank, just beside the brosbane river.

us with a box of krispe creme~~penat jalan, dok kejap utk berehat...

this is another bridge in brisbane..well brisbane got a few, one is for vehicles, one is for trains and this one is for pedastrians and cyclists.

yes..we were on the tank street..and the bridge name is kurilpa bridge. lots of rest stop along the bridge.very good...

bye bye brisbane and hello perth!! will update on perth soon. stay tuned.

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