May 17, 2010

where i'm at when there's 5 months to go

my preparation for wedding went to a stop a few months back. nothing have been done except for reading magazines and blog hopping from b2b to another b2b. work load is getting piled up.dunno when it's gonna finish. i malas nak pikir sume ni bole tak? penat la. bole ke amik cuti ni untuk kawin ni? maybe i should apply now.ehehe.

moving on. bday baby tak dpt celebrate because i was off for work in another foreign land. then he's not coming back in may. so next jumpe is in june.june 16th. ehem. he better be back bcoz june 18 is important.ehe.ehem.

yesterday went to try the treatment for 'sinus' at shah alam. it was under permata hijrah. so my bro and lil bro and me waited for our turn.everybody ends up having all the 'trapped mucus' coming out but not for me. i end up sneezing non-stop. nasib tak kena asthma.huhu. so then my treatment was free cause i have no idea... hehe. yay! but i end up buying the eye thingy..ape benda ntah die call's like cyclops nye spec but it urut-urut the!

baby is busy with planning wedding on his side. hope he's doing ok with that. if you need anything just gimme a call ye syg.

my fren..well one of bff is going through a hard time. not love life but work life. i think she's been thru a lot this year and last year. kesian die. i know she's gonna come back up bcoz that's what she'll here if u need me k. now for my room mate...she's off starting her new business. well more like family business. i wish her all the luck and may she be rich and then can belanja me one day.hahahaha.

yes..i dah anta my claim. sangat la susah nak wat claim.huhuhu.hope bole dapat cepat so i can settle all the bills.

did i mention before that i went for my nikah outfit fitting already? eheheh..yes. i managed to fit it in.mission berjaya for the time being. i still have like 5 months to go.ehehe.tetibe teigt kat my fren wat magic fingers..kak Su dah beli kain for the reception outfit. it's damn nice. hope it's nice when it's turned into the biasa je..knowing me..i need to be comfortable or else it's gonna ruin my special day.lupe plak nak amik gamba my nikah outfit.huhu..oh well let it be. baju baby pun dah siap. hope he will fit into it also.nanti sayang balik kite fitting sama2 k.

ohh..i dah jumpe. i nk beli chuppachup lollipops for my little guests nanti. haritu tengok kat mydin..100pcs = rm50, 1 pcs = rm0.5. pass. within my budget. i like! so i need to buy like 300pcs = rm150. yay!

hey..OMG....bilik honeymoon yang tengah survey tetibe jadi murah!!!! should i buy now or wait???? if cancel kena 100% payment..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..wait dulu la...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..berbelah bagi.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


kuat kan semangat and tak book.huhuhuhu...

oh my taman is gonna have wedding of the taman this week. ohh..ape la tugas yang telah di assign oleh jiranku??? yess...dayang. oh ape la yang perlu buat as one of the dayangs? i have no idea. maybe wednesday ada meeting for all dayangs kot. hopefully la that we won't end up confused and lost.

nak hias walkway like this bole tak en.caterer?


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babe.. dah tinggal satu tangan jer magic finger tuu laa..

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