June 28, 2010

another 3 days it will be 2 months

the wedding ticker is really useful.
i only have 2 months left after 3 days.
waa..nak dekat kawin dah.

arini sy telah bercadang utk mengambil Kak Sada for my makeup on his side. Price pun not bad. within my budget.

my cousin is pregnant..now i need to find someone who can replace her.she said..if you don't mind when people berenjis and tanya how months i'm pregnant, then i can still be your pengapit.hehehe..she was joking la. she say better not.nanti die grumpy.ehehe..wokeh.

ape lagi tinggal untuk buat? smlm beli carpet and kain baju melayu for my brothers.sebenarnye kalau nak ikut kan...banyak lagi benda kena beli. we are starting to pay installment for our photographer. so by the time our wedding it will the last payment which only to be settled once we get the output.

kepada bridesmaid2ku skalian...hope u gals dah anta ur baju. ;)

June 22, 2010

celebrations in 1 go!

it feels like the best week of all. why? bcoz he's back. this time we spend a lot of time together.weeee...best2. lama tak jumpe. i think almost 2 months kot.

so the day he arrived in kl, we straight away meet up. we settle with the hantaran stuff. so i bought him his ring and watch. and i got a bday present as well. so barang hantaran sume dah settle. just tinggal the sirih junjung and etc. see what i got for my bday from baby...

we made appointment for the HIV test. see the reception hall for his side. thanks to my friend whom intro to us this club. luckily still available but then need to wait for umi's approval.hope she will say ok or else i have no idea where else to look for a hall. go and see tailor for his baju. price ok but then need to find the perfect design.

had a bday celebration with office mate on friday. die blanje lunch at aseana. makan 2 orang je tp food was like for 4 people. balik office 2-2 macam ular sawa.heheheh.nasib blaja gune photoshop and end up main photshop sampai tunggu time nak balik.hehehehe...what a day. keje tp cam tak keje.wakakaka.

we had dinner on sunday with dad. he was supposed to belanja but end up dad yang paid for everything.hehehe.but he did belanja the cake. :) got a bday present from them. kad yang comel with lots of words from 7-11, the new nickname for my lil bro, qifi, because he never stops talking.ehehehe. so the celebration was to celebrate mum's bday, my bday and father's day. ehehe.

monday we spend time eating, chatting and HIV test. muka baby relief when all went ok. like duh...kite memang la sihat.hehehe...he did something really funny at the clinic which made me laugh non stop.my guy is so cute!sorry ye.well we spend almost all day together yesterday. best!

today meeting him for lunch with his sister. and tomorrow he's off to labuan again. gonna see him in 1 month time.he has to come back often now because of the wed preparation. oh congrats to shidan on his wedding. his mom was like very nice and friendly.

i still kagum with shidan's wife because berjaya pakai headgear tersebut.....

June 11, 2010

all leaves are approved ;)

yes i have applied leaves for my raya and wedding. and all have been approved. i have a project that will last until after my wedding therefore i'm informing my boss not to distrub me in the month of september and october. and hint hint to them to please find someone to handle the project while i'm gone. i actually used to have someone already to handle the project while i'm away but then the person called it off so as for now i have no one. let the boss decide on who. i've informed them early about this and i kept reminding them about it.hehehe..annoying little staff i am. i should update this in the schedule later.

kak su is starting to work on my attire for the reception. hope all goes smooth and well. and hope it turns out to be a gorgeous one also!!!

yesterday we talked about our hantarans. well there might be some slight changes on the hantaran. both of us decided that we wanted the new iPhone 4g but then it will take awhile for the phone to arrive here in KL. therefore we are not giving hp as one of the hantaran..instead we are replacing it by laptop and camera. he wants a laptop so he gets one. i want a simple canon camera where i can bring it anywhere and anytime.hehehe. i'm not into dslr so no need for the canggih canggih one. then later once iphone is here, we'll buy it!whoot!

i'll be making finalizing my guest list this weekend, by the beach, as requested by my parents. siap pesan bawak balik hard disk and thumbdrive. oh well, saya yang menurut perintah ikut je la.

i think my bunga telur for guest tak cukup la.i've already have 1200, which means 600 couples.hmmm...should i buy some more? i wonder if ssf still have stock.oh dear.other than adults, the rest will get lollipops. the gift for malam nikah i think is enough. just the ladies will get them. i made like 50 of it.nikah not really mane people are invited just close families and friends.so i think it's sufficient.

i have also sketch my pelamin for nikah and sanding. just need to tell the responsible party to make it. bilik pengantin plak, i dah tempah langsir, bedsheet dah beli, perabot gune existing je, just need to buy carpet, some deco for the bilik...vase and etc. konsep bilik pengatin is totally white.suci murni.

maybe after holiday, we will call the caterer to discuss about the food and all. i'm suggesting my parent to use long tables instead of round ones to save space. maybe the vip's table we can have it round but for guest will be long.hope they will agree with this. my main concern for the reception is the food MUST be DELICIOUS and my guests are COMFORTABLE. yes, that's quite hard to achieve because we're having the reception at my house and i just can't predict what the weather will be like in october.

dear baby, please finalized your guest list so that we can start ordering the invitations. thanks dear.

i have one question. borang HIV amik katne? should i go to pejabat agama or just the klinik? anyway mine would be under selangor. confusing betul.

June 02, 2010

mata kanan berkedip kedip

there's something wrong with my right eye. die berkedip- kedip. rasa macam annoying kadang2.
bile dalam discussion or meeting, we talk and look at people and it's distracting when the eye keep moving. i wonder if other people notice my right eye is moving.

i googled it up. some people says it's a good sign. some says it's a bad sign. i'm saying i think it's due to my stress.huhu. ape plak doctor will say? ntah2 die kata sakit mata and bg eye-drop and then mc 2 hari. wohoooo bestnye if dpt mc 2 hari. i like likey.i takde mood nak keje sangat because got some sad news and i don't like the environment that much anymore. maybe i'm just bored with the work that i've been doing.

ohh mata berhenti bergerak. kadang rasa nak letak tape kat mata so die takleh nak gerak.ehehehe..nnt orang kat opis ingat i ni gile.ehehehe.

eh ticker dah jd 3 bulan je? huhuhu...sekejap je masa berlalu. i can't wait to go on holiday. i need a change in work. mari berjalan2 cari idea.

ok i realized this post macam serabut. sekejap cakap pasal mata, sekejap cakap pasal keje..berterabur.nampak sangat my life right now tengah serabut.