June 28, 2010

another 3 days it will be 2 months

the wedding ticker is really useful.
i only have 2 months left after 3 days.
waa..nak dekat kawin dah.

arini sy telah bercadang utk mengambil Kak Sada for my makeup on his side. Price pun not bad. within my budget.

my cousin is pregnant..now i need to find someone who can replace her.she said..if you don't mind when people berenjis and tanya how months i'm pregnant, then i can still be your pengapit.hehehe..she was joking la. she say better not.nanti die grumpy.ehehe..wokeh.

ape lagi tinggal untuk buat? smlm beli carpet and kain baju melayu for my brothers.sebenarnye kalau nak ikut kan...banyak lagi benda kena beli. we are starting to pay installment for our photographer. so by the time our wedding it will the last payment which only to be settled once we get the output.

kepada bridesmaid2ku skalian...hope u gals dah anta ur baju. ;)

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