July 28, 2010

i'm having weird feelings

yep..i read it in reader's digest.

you know how sometimes you get the butterflies in your tummy? well i read this one article that this feeling is actually good. but the writer did not call it butterflies but he called the weird feeling.

he's a standup comedian and everytime he goes out on stage he will get the weird feeling. when he changed the terms of this to weird feeling, it actually boost his confidence level and made him believe that the show will be just fine. can i feel like that??aaaaaa...

ok now, let's go back to me.hehe.yes me. i'm having this weird feeling right now. i think it's because of the work that i have to do. oh dear. i really hope that everything goes well. the more i read the more i confused myself. oh no...what's happening to me. i'm more afraid of this then getting married!

i have to be strong. i'm going away to kangaroo land and you know how i am when i'm away from malaysia.boohoo...oh please pray that everything will be ok there....

oh...my back hurts lately. it's quite often now. usually i only have when it's coming to that time of the month.i feel so old.
now i have this...pinjam opismate nye.thank you.

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