July 19, 2010

thanks baby

i must say..towards nak kawin nih, my baby has done a very good job in handling stuff.
well he did forget to bring back his wedding book for the second time but he remembers all the things that needs to be settled.and with the short holiday he took, i am so proud because he managed to do all the things plus extra.well done sayangku.

hence, all the hard work he's done, now he has a fever.kesian baby. i'm not that worried because he's here so there's a lot of people can take care of him including me. if he was back in Labuan then i would be worried. my guy susah sikit nak makan ubat or see the doctor. if die sakit he would tahan and just rest. sometimes i kena membebel panjang lebar just to make him go to the doctor.nanti dah kawin tak membebel dah.heret je sayang ke klinik. nasib i reti drive.hehehe..

today we're finally gonna go make our invitation card for the wedding. all of my dear friends are so worried that i haven't made the cards yet. so my dear friends, jangan riso dah. i'm gonna go do the cards today.nasib ayah pun approved walaupun die still tak dapat imagine how the card is.hehehe...i dah tunjuk gamba pun die sengeh..."ayah taktau la rupe die...takleh nak imagine..tp nampak okla.buat je la." i even did some sample for him then he said, "still tak tau camne it will turn out because ni kertas a4 putih je...tak sama"oh well...i don't know what else to do. takpela ayah.tunggu je la hasil card tersebut.

last saturday, went to see Kak Su. baby wanted to alter a bit of his tux but then tak jadi. end up, i yang fitting baju reception.hehehe. Kak Su ckp, "ni kecik kan perut ni sikit.kak su amik measurement baju nikah..aritu fitting ok je..kecik kan sikit tau"HAHAHAHAHAHA..i'm dead.i so do need to buy corset now.hehehe.

now to end this post, i would like to thank my baby for being so sabar and layan je kerenah and mood saya yang macam angin taufan. and thank you also for trying your best to settlekan all the things that were pending sampai baby demam.get well soon dear.love you.

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