July 12, 2010

world cup is over dll

so the world cup is over.
no i didn't watch the game.i mean i watch like 5 mins then i changed the channel.
traffic will be back.
now kena tolak from work earlier.
and office will be full with people again.
i wish world cup is not yet over.

i have 2 more months.
kad kahwin pun blom tempah.
i guess that's all that's pending as for now.

met up with Kak Su. she's starting on our baju already.
and sayangku have not yet tempah his tux.hopefully he will when he comes back.

oh another great news..after 2 years of nothing at last we got something.
betul ape orang tua cakap..bile nak bina masjid, pintu rezeki akan terbuka.
Alhamdulillah ours have. terima kasih. syukur.

oh pengapit saya bercadang mahu pakai warna pink..maka pengapit faiz, sile la cari baju pink.hehe..maybe we should provide the kain to our pengapits??? what do you think boo?

isi borang kahwin sangat complicated. especially in my case.uwaaa...i'm torn.
why suddenly semua nak emo and sensitif over this matter? both important to me but please just be happy with what i have decided..can?both will be there. so the end. hope both will understand my decision and i think it's fair to both.sekian.

saya tengah cari kereta sewa untuk pegi ke langkawi nanti. i've emailed a few but all of them have not yet returned any replies. pegi sana baru cari ke?tengokla camne.

my dear friend is away for her trip. hope she's enjoying her holiday. she should. forget about work for awhile. have fun dear. =)

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