August 27, 2010

where i'm @ now..

1. Solemnization
* bride's attire - Ulik Mayang - collect baju on 10th of raya
* groom's attire - Ulik Mayang - collect baju on 10th of raya
* accessorizes - Ulik Mayang
* documents - done
* catering - done - D'Hidang
* photog - done - eman
* hiv test - done
* kursus kahwin - done
* room decoration - in the process
* door gift - done
* mua - done - Kak Zuhara

2. Persandingan
* bride’s attire - Ulik Mayang - collect baju on 10th of raya
* groom’s attire - Ulik Mayang - collect baju on 10th of raya
* accessorizes - Ulik Mayang
* pelamin - Ulik Mayang
* mua - booked Nurin
* photog - done - eman
* catering - done - D'Hidang
* invitation card - in the process - ilikecard
* room decor - in the process
* door gift - tinggal telur and lollipop
* bunga pahar - done
* wedding cake - D'Hidang
* thank u tag - DIY
* gubahan hantaran - Kak Zuhara

3. Bertandang
* bride attire - Ulik Mayang - collect baju on 10th of raya
* groom attire - Ulik Mayang - collect baju on 10th of raya
* accessorizes - Ulik Mayang
* pelamin - Kak Amy - Kclub
* mua - booked Kak Sada - deposit paid
* photog - eman
* hall d├ęcor - Kak Amy - Kclub
* catering - Kak Amy - Kclub
* door gift -
* gubahan hantaran - Talon
* wedding cake - Kak Amy - Kclub

4. Lune de miel (Honeymoon)
* hotel - done
* flight tickets - done
* itinerary
* rental car

August 25, 2010


1 month and 1 week to go. after that i don't have to worry about it anymore!yay!

today is our anniversary.
emm...bapa tahun not so sure..6 kot.hehehe..oh well doesn't really matter. what matter now is that we love one another and our relationship is stronger than before. and hope that it will after as well.

why is it that bile lama lagi nak kawin keje takde langsung and then bile time nak kawin keje datang melambak- lambak. ishkk..rimas btul.nasib dah bagitau boss nak kawin and nasib sume leave untuk kawin dah approved. ape yang nak buat??bole tak i nak live day by day...just see how it flows. sebab lagi i worry lagi benda tak menjadi.hehe.

harap2 kad bole dapat. for the time being, i've collected all the address and email of guests. later nak print. then bile dapat just lekat je.

nak raya dah. biskut pun tak wat lagi. wiken ni baru nak start. semoga sume plan wiken ni menjadi. baju raya pun i tak beli lagi.huhu..i mean..baju kurung dah ada a few so that's all baju casual..huhu..takde mood nak beli sebab makin gemuk.hahahaha.berat langsung tak berubah masa bulan puasa.huhu..okla. tak berubah..dari bertambah lagi truk kan?

azani nak kawin dah. kena plan ngan dyna n aifa if they want to go together..rindu nak jumpe nak jumpe mama wany and baby die.heheh..mesti dah besar. suruh wat list of all the people yang terlibat untuk menjayakan majlis perkahwinan kiteorg..alhamdulillah sume orang yang terlibat have been very nice to nanti i will do the list and post it in here.

the end.

August 19, 2010

i'm running out of time

baby was right. i'm gonna post this in my blog.
i have a problem. my invitation card...i may not be able to get it before raya.
oh dear.
i texted fuz..she sends hers 2 weeks before, for long distance, 3 weeks before.
oh dear.
how am i gonna do this?
early morning while driving, mama asked...mana kad?sepatutnye dah dapat...
oh dear.
my parents trust me to handle this one thing and i failed.
i'm so pissed off with myself. i'm angry with me.
baby said think positive. i'm trying to...i didn't sleep well last nite and now i have panda eyes.
oh dear.
wish me all the best in getting my cards on time.

August 06, 2010

kangaroo land

i'm again in australia..but in a different state.

this time i'm in sydney.
yes..darling harbour and opera house...

haven't took any pictures yet but i will tomorrow. my dad's friend's daughter is gonna bring me around. hope i can lotsa of piccas.yippie.

work here so far is according as planned. i hope everything will go smooth until the last day.

after sydney, i'm off to perth and meet Yip.hehehe..yay! ada kawan kat sana. nnt leh makan kat indonesian restaurant tu again.

i can't wait to go back to my bed...aaaaaa..i miss everyone back in malaysia. nasib ada ym so leh la chatting..

i have one month left. so far i think my preparations for the wed is ok. i'll go for fitting when i returned. then send those off to dryclean...i don't want to be itchy and all.