August 06, 2010

kangaroo land

i'm again in australia..but in a different state.

this time i'm in sydney.
yes..darling harbour and opera house...

haven't took any pictures yet but i will tomorrow. my dad's friend's daughter is gonna bring me around. hope i can lotsa of piccas.yippie.

work here so far is according as planned. i hope everything will go smooth until the last day.

after sydney, i'm off to perth and meet Yip.hehehe..yay! ada kawan kat sana. nnt leh makan kat indonesian restaurant tu again.

i can't wait to go back to my bed...aaaaaa..i miss everyone back in malaysia. nasib ada ym so leh la chatting..

i have one month left. so far i think my preparations for the wed is ok. i'll go for fitting when i returned. then send those off to dryclean...i don't want to be itchy and all.

1 comment:

~nasrah~ said...

ai nak koala tu tak kire!tak kire! bwk blk sekor yg betul.