September 22, 2010

how will it be after?

i have a few questions that are toggling in my's quite annoying but then i refused to know the answers to it. why? because i'm afraid. chicken~~~

we've know each other for quite some time..and now we are moving into a different phase in life. what happens after this? will it be colorful like the nippon paint posters? will it continue to be the same? wohoooooo...the more questions i typed the more questions that comes out.i better stop.

my parents told me that i don't plan. yes. hands down. i don't have a plan. i go with whatever that comes next. people asked how will it be after getting married. i say..same as now. he's in labuan and i'm in kl. their expression changes. then they asked, are you sure? i replied yeah..i don't have a plan. i don't plan i just go with the flow. yes there's gonna be some chaos but that's the thing that keeps me awake and rolling. i know that this worries my parents a lot. because so far...all the things happened to me is like sudden. it's like eating a new chocolate bar..oh forrest gump is like a box of chocolate, you'll never know what you're gonna get. i don't plan in advance...i plan when the time comes.hahahaha.

well...just go with the flow.

p/s: i'm worried sick about getting married.pfftfttt!!!


msApple said...

err.. boleh tak jgn tuleh mcm gini.
u give me butterfly in the stomach ok...

its going to be OK la. ;)

accidentally.. u wrote something that somewhat related to this saturday. 6th sense ka? hihihihih..

dYnA said...

u'll be fine.
kite doa..our next episod of our life will be gr8!

SaRaH said...

hehe..tq babes..
i suke psycho myself..hope all goes well for all of us in the future!

ija...ape plan u n fuz this sat? knape kena pki cantik2?ooo..r we gonna eat chocolate?hehehe