October 31, 2010

miss home, miss friends, miss all of em'

i can't wait till tomorrow is over.
i'm stress.
why suddenly this thing doesn't work?
arrghhh..geram nye sy...sekejap ok sekejap tak.

eh..layan offspring plak.

nak balik. rindu semua orang.

miss baby oso. esok 1 bulan genap sebagai suami isteri. tapi not much different pun rase.
sebabnye masing - masing berjauhan. ohh wish him was here...closer.

question, "am i fulfilling my responsibilty as a wife?"
i do hope the answer is YES. only he can answer this.

ohh tak sabar nak balik. then leh hang out with ija, arina and sape2 je la. walaupun takde gossip tp we will always have something to talk about.

skang tgh layan Juno plak.lagi skali sy ulang..saya mahu pulang.sekian.

miss them!!!!!!

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