November 25, 2010

just another ordinary day

it's been awhile since my last update.

since my wedding, i think all my weekends are filled with some plans..may it be planned or just a last minute thingy. i think i'm exhausted. i just want to stay at home and not go out.just one day..saturday or sunday. even my parents are noticing this.and some more..i go out not with hubby because he's not around. i'm either out with friends or families. this weekend i'll be going back to melaka. next weekend i'll be in vietnam. next weekend, i'll be in makngah's house and next will be in my mother-in-law's and next will be in labuan n kk.i got all my weekends booked already.

nak duduk rumah senyap and layan tv or read books.i miss those times.

can't wait to go to our yearly holiday with bffs. this time vietnam. hope everyhting will go as planned. we all should be excited about going right? but it's kinda weird now because everyone is busy with work...we have no time to prepare ourselves for the trip!!!

ok. see you in another 2 weeks baby.jangan makan sambal tu banyak2.nanti sakit u.

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