November 08, 2010

labuan and etc..

how did you spend ur deepavali hols?

i went to labuan! yep.melawat suami tercinta.ehehe.
of course it was great and tiring. i guess not enough rest from travelling. came back from perth on 2nd then on 5th fly off to labuan. then came back on 7th and now back to work.
my shoulders hurt so bad. too much weight put on while carrying the laptop and ikan bilis.hahaha.

sibuk sgt sbb travel sampai tak sempat nak meet up with my frens.huhu. miss them. got to plan lunch with them. thank god we still communicate with emails. at least we're not lost and keep updated about one them.

ohhh..can't wait to spend time in vietnam with them. yay! travel lagi.hahaha. and that reminds me....i have to pay the balance for the trip. too bad Fuz can't join us.huhuh..i hate when work interfere personal time.don't worry dear, we'll buy souvenirs for you k darling!

after vietnam...then travel to KK.yay! a short trip but it's gonna be fun fun fun! drive around in KK.yay.thanks ya.btw..thanks for spending time with me in labuan eventhough you had to be called in to work..thanks for bringing me to eat ketam.this time was superb compared to last...ketam besar and fresh.maybe musim kot.too bad takde laksa or else it would have completed my "food i want to eat when i returned to malaysia" list.hehe. i've always had a list of food that i'm craving for while travelling abroad..huhu..i don't know why..hehe.

anyway i had a blast in perth. thanks to Vic. :) we went to Frementle and Subiaco and around the city. i got to see dolphins while i was on the train to frementle. how cool was that???the dolphins were swimming quite close..huhu..maybe they were lost.hehehe.didn't shop that much though..huhu.i kena mintak gamba from Vic.i forgot to bring my camera...later i upload some photo in perth.

i think somewhere in between maybe i'll go and visit my U again.hehehe..this time as a consultant and not as a student.huhuhu...i'll be teaching those student there.hahaha. how awkward will that be!!!hehe. hope everything goes on well there. thinking of bringing my bros along since it's school hols already.hehe.

i need cuti. nasib next week cuti.yay!

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