December 08, 2010

danger in Vietnam

i just came back from vietnam.
and my advice is to those who wants to go there...

go with a strong mindset and heart or else..

you end up.....


just like me.hehehe.

it was fun shopping in vietnam. bargaining is the most important skill of all.hahah.

we went to chu chi tunnel. freaking cool!! i wonder if the soldier ever get lost under there.
we went to mekong river..superb..i like riding the sampan. laju betul dieorg dayung sampan.
we went to war museum.kinda of sad seeing all those being tortured during the war period and the effect of some of the weapons they used during the was being carried down until 3rd generation.huhuhu.
we went to ben thant market which is the place to shop. you can get everything from coffee beans, flowers, bags, shirts..well you name it..alomost everything is there. you can even get a tailor made baju, pants, a day!

i so want to go there again! ahahahahaha...will post picture soon.

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Zara~AB said...

love vietnam as well!