December 28, 2010

KK Trip

My KK trip was awesome eventhough there was so many probs at the very last minute.

1st prob: so i depart from kl to labuan on thursday and arrived at labuan about 9pm. waited for my luggage but it never came out. so i checked with the luggage guy.."oh..bag ini masih di kl cik.." i went,"huh? kl? tp sy check in awal..pukul 10 pagi..dah la bag sy tu kecik tak smpi 5kg..pun takleh smpi cni ngan selamat??"the luggage guy,"itu sy tak tau knape..takpe sy suruh mereka send ke cni esok..." i said, "tp esok sy gi KK..bole send trus ke hotel KK sy??sy dok kat 1Borneo..."luggage guy said, "ok bole.and cik bole claim juga..apa2 nnt sy call"....well luckily i had left some clothes before so at least i have some baju to wear the next day. how to shop for new ones when all the shops are already closed. ok so that was about my luggage.

2nd prob: we had to change our ferry ticket and buy ticket for me. why need to change the ferry ticket? ehem...well my hubby managed to get his car!!! yep mitsu asx.yay!!!! so there we were going back and forth from the kastam to the mitsu showroom and the ferry terminal.running here and there.our ferri was at 1.30pm. we got our car at 11am. we have only 1 hr before check-in.hehehe..and to top our rush here and there, labuan jam!!!!! baby went out and walked to the ferry terminal.i drove the car and park somewhere.hehehe..ok at last..alhamdullillah.sume ok. we board the ferry and we're on way to KK babeh!!! the ferry ride took almost 2 hrs to reached menumbok. so i end up sleeping in the comfy.hahahaha.

once arrived at jetty menumbok, we head out way to KK.

this time it's a 2 hr ride. oh kesian kereta baby. baru dapat terus's a good enjoyed driving it. when we reached KK it was nite so we had our dinner at Jesselton Point. makan nasi goreng and lauk-pauk. and then head to the hotel. and my arrived safely at the hotel at 11pm.

saturday we spend the whole day travelling. we had breakfast at the hotel and shoot out to Kudat.

So we head out to Tip of Borneo. the trip was 3 hrs drive.huhuhuhu..jauh. we reached tip of borneo around noon and took some pictures and drank coconut juice.sedap!!! then we went back to our hotel, had lunch...kfc..hehehhe..and then straight to KK city again. this time for shopping. we went to the Filipino market, Ikan Masin market and had dinner there.

on sunday at 4am, we head back to menumbok to catch the speedboat to labuan.we left the car at menumbok. because my flight was from labuan back to kl in the morning so tak sempat nak bawak kereta balik skali. the speedboat ride was only 30 minutes...went back home.freshen up and then head to the airport. waited at the airport for some time when we realized that the flight was delayed. so went back home again and slept. then at 1pm went back to airport and board my flight back. reached kl at 6pm and ate a whole lot of chocolates!!!hahahaha...

the end.

thanks baby for bringing me jalan2. we need to go to KK again. and this time to Ranau and you.

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