December 01, 2010

vietnam! and some stuff

tomorrow we will be heading to vietnam.
oh yay! no work! just play!

bag is all packed up and the name of a store suggested by my friend. i should be mentally and emotionally prepared to do some damage to my bank account.(like it's not damage enough..gosh!)

another exciting thing happened today.yay! happy happy me! but not gonna tell yet until i see it in front of my eyes..

someone gave me a birthday wish list. guess what is on it?
macbook pro. omg. i need to start saving up for it. i got only 4 months! ayayayayaya! i went to check out the price and my golly gosh. that's why i'm repeating again...i need to save up now!!

work wise...well after the trip i should see myself busy until january. and i'll be returning to Perth. another reason as why i need to save money again.why la everything have to involve money.huhuhu..takmo gi bole?hehehe..

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