December 12, 2011

ooo..sudah bersawang blog ini

time to update. last post was like 2 months. and baby faris also dah besar n panjang.huhu.ok i'm bad.

i have not been busy. it's just that i'm not sure what i should update about. there's a lot of things going in my life right now. i just don't know where to start.

i'm not sure if i have told it in my blog about me being pregnant. i'm having memory loss right now. maybe is the pregnant thingy..memory loss.haha. ok well. alhamdulillah i've made it to 6 months and still counting until this lil cute baby of mine pops out and say hi to the world. faiz and i have decided to not know the sexof this lil cute baby until he or she comes out. where this decision of ours have left the grandfathers and grandmothers to be 'crazy' of wanting to know and keep pushing us to know..they even wanted to follow me to checkups just to ask the doctor for the baby's sex.hehehehe...well nasib i made my checkups on a working day so that it would be hard for them to tag along. hahaha..but then, we also paid the price of not knowing the baby's sex. when i went for the detailed 3D scan, i was hoping to get a picture of the baby's my surprise, this lil baby played the surprise game to me. he / she hid the face by placing the arms right in front of it. so i didn't get to see the baby's face nor did i get any pictures of the baby..huhuhu. so it's fair. the parents didn't get to see the face, the grandparents also do not know the baby's sex. hopefully the rest of the pregnancy will go smoothly.

work wise..pretty relaxed. not much travel due to the condition i'm in. i chose it to be like that. just to be on the safe side actually. so no travelling nowadays. my last trip was to HCMC, Vietnam. it was for 1 week. i was like 2-3 months pregnant..i think. this trip was different because faiz went along. he was not keen on me travelling alone so he said he wanted to follow. i ok je..bilik hotel no problemo.hehehe.we end up broke as well because spend quite a lot on i have no idea what we bought.huhu.after the trip, faiz realized that he has no more now he only comes back to kl every 2 weeks. he coming back this weekend.yay!

September 12, 2011

welcome my dear

i would like to say congrats to my dear sis, Fuz, for her new 4.09 kg baby boy. you go girl!!

you are so cute my dear child. may you be bless with wonderful things in your life. and remember you have lots on aunties or should i say mama who loves you very much. welcome to the world.

September 06, 2011

selamat hari raya

selamat hari raya to all. how's raya everyone? i do hope that you all had a good raya. anyway do continue on all the good things you have done through out the ramadhan. even though ramadhan is doesn't mean that we stop being close to Allah.

my raya was great.despite being car sick on the way back to melaka. i was looking foward to go back to kelantan but plan got cancelled. i ate a lot. every house we went to visit there's food. of course, i can't resist the smell of it so i have to have a taste.hehehe. baby said he gained a few kilos...his watch was loose during the fasting month but now it's tight again. lucky the wedding ring still you baby.

i get to meet my bff on raya. it was unplanned. called her up and asked where she was and she said she was in kepong. so baby and i went to her house. eija was also there. got to eat laksa.nyammmmm..sedap ok!! me hantu laksa so of course la sedapkan. kak nasrah and abang amir was also there. kak nasrah and i are due almost the same.hehehe..and fuzz is due anytime now. perut keras and besar.hehehe..comel sangat!!!i wonder what i'll be like during that stage...huhu...i can't wait for the baby to come.eheheh..but i haven't buy any present for the baby yet...huhu..nanti la i cari.

yay...another road trip is coming. this time to KK again but with baby's family. heheh..kena bawak bekal makanan banyak2 utk mengelakkan dari mabuk kereta and mabuk feri.heheh.bestnye dpt gi holiday...

baby...where are you planning to take me for our 1st anniversary? =)

August 21, 2011


The changes in the body n horrmonea is making me all stressed out. I'm tired. I'm exhausted.

No one understand the things i have to go through. I myself is trying to adjust and cope with all this things.

Sometimes i may say things that hurt other people just because i'm damn tired. I want to be selfish at times just because i 'm tired.

Wishing that i could go to far far land and just relax.

Only Allah and i know what a rollercoaster ride i'm on at this time being. Come on strong.

July 18, 2011

Cook away

I felt the urge to cook today...and so i end up cooking 2 type of fried rice...then i cooked telur masak kicap..then cooked fried vege..

So tell me..who's gonna eat all this???me of course!!!

Hahahahaha.. 8-O

July 17, 2011

Unusual feeling

For the last few weeks i feel very all started when i fast and i didn't sahur being lazy when having sahur..and now it's taking its toll on me..huhu

So last wednesday..went to chk with doc and i end up having gastric..mild officially on med for a month and i feel so old..huhuhu..only 28 already on med.sish..

July 11, 2011

it's been awhile

waahh..dah lama tak meng-update blog. terlalu busy sampai tak sempat nak update.

a lot of things happened for the past few weeks. and i've just been busy. no time to chill and relax.

a lot of things playing in my mind making me more tired but so grateful because i get a good night sleep at the end of the day.

hubby came back but we weren't together because he had to go to melaka. got to spend a few days with him and that i was thankful enough because i just need him to help me out.

for the time being, i 'm thankful that i don't have to travel anywhere so that i can help my family out. ayah just recovering from his leg operation and is handicapped for 3 months until his leg fully recovers. 3 months is a long time. being a parent is hard. i know ayah feels guilty because he can't do much now...he stills drives, thanks to automatic now and the operation was on his left. he still wants to cook...he just gives out instructions to my brothers to help him out. brothers are all back in U, no one at home to help him out. it's kinda scary leaving him alone without any supervision. going up and down the stairs, going out...well...i just don't know what he'll do when he is alone. hahaha...risau berlebihan plak.takpe i think he'll manage himself pretty well.

all in all...i'm just glad that i can drive. so i can take him for his checkup, do chores...and etc. i so want to teach my mom to drive. she has her license but she's so afraid to drive. i was thinking...once she is she going around if she can't drive? huhuhu...susah wooo...mama keeps saying...mama nak beli kete untuk mama la. then all her children would laugh...yes mama...every morning, mama bangun and cuci kereta je. kereta tu jadi perhiasan kat porch je...hehehe..

teringin nak duduk senyap2 kat rumah and lepak.hopefully this weekend bole buat.

June 08, 2011

shocking wednesday

today i woke up and do my chores...
make the bed, take a shower, sweep the floor, do laundry.

then at 8am sharp i turned on my laptop to start off my work. i also turned on the tv to watch some ceramah agama on channel 119 or tv9.

then i checked my emails. wow!!!! boy was i surprised by the email that i received. to shake the feeling off, i went and made my breakfast. after that i started working. continuing with the report that i left yesterday. with the help from houston and pakistan, i hope this report will work just the way it's suppose to be. so test here, change there, test again...suddenly i received another email. wow!!! again i was thrown away. double shocks today. and it's just beginning of the day. now what a way to start your wednesday????i mean....come on there any other news that you can give????? i get promoted? or a raise?......but just gotta throw it out on a beautiful, sunny wednesday morning.ohhhhhhh...why ohhh you got me all worried and confused...huhuhuhu....

so i kept on eating and making myself fat. to make myself feel better i'm gonna start preparing for lunch. just to take my mind of the shocking...shocking's menu..BUTTERMILK PRAWN. let's pray that it will taste good!!

June 02, 2011

some thanks and congrats to be made

this post is all about me giving out wishes to my dear family and friends.

currently i'm spending my time in Labuan with my hubby. i got 2 weeks this time around. so my first thank is to my boss. Thank you for understanding the condition i'm in and letting me work from home @ Labuan for 2 weeks.

next will be for Kak Nasrah. I'm not so sure if she reads my blog so just in case she does, congratualation on your wedding. i'm sure it will be a very joyous one! and you'll be a beautiful bride. welcome to next stage in life! embrace it and live it. sorry i could not make it to your wedding as i'm here. have a blast on your wedding day.

a birthday wish to my dear best friend, arina. i know this is an early birthday wish. at least early then forget.hahaha. happy birthday arina. thank you for our wonderful friendship. sila claim birthday present dari saya nanti k. hahahaha....saya taktau nak beli ape dah. siap discuss dengan ija and still tak ada conclusion.hahahaha...but don't worry..we will think of something. love you lots!!! btw...saya gi tengok rumah aritu. so far dieorg baru clear kan tanah kat situ. rupa- rupanya kawasan rumah tu sangat la besar....i mean the whole area that our house is on.hehehe.make sure kumpul duit untuk move in. we got 2 years..oppss..less than that.hehehe.

well another thing on my mind is our yearly vacation.our meaning ija, arina and myself. not so sure if huda wants to join also. i think she will. so far on our list...Singapore, HK, Taiwan. well the Taiwan was all Victoria idea. she said it's a shopping paradise.hehehhe..she kept telling me that she bought this and that for like RM10-Rm20! we still haven't decided where to go yet. so just wait where we will go.

May 23, 2011

tak tau title ape nak letak

hello...i'm back. now i'm back in malaysia. so good to be back. aaaahhhh...

dapat jumpe hubby for awhile.that was nice. wish he could stay here longer.maybe i should go there and teman him.kesian die sorang2. chill kay sayang. in a few weeks we will see each other again..

my cousin got married last weekend. it was grand!!huhuhu..i was a bit left out with the wedding because i was away so that's why i was shocked when i knew about the VIP congrats to Mus and Azzah. i know you two aren't reading this but what da heck.just post it anyway. so this week will be our side to do the reception. again...i'm not sure what my role is.hahaha...nevermind..this friday i will ask.oooo....the photographer they hired for the wedding...danialzain.wooweeee.....i told baby that the photographer looks very familiar...then the both of us kept guessing...and finally baby said...i think his name is...zain something...and then suddenly, both of us remembered....hehehe...i can't wait to see the end product!

hubby & me

hubby, me, mama

hubby & 5 months baby Zara...

May 18, 2011

what you want to do when you reached back?

a long list awaits for me when i'm back. i do hope i can do everything before i leave again.

let's make a checklist now:

  1. hug my family

  2. eat nasi lemak sambal sotong =)

  3. help and enjoy my cousin's wedding

  4. eat

  5. eat

  6. eat

  7. kumpul duit lagi sebelum di hantar ke tempat lain

  8. maybe kena diet sebab asyik makan je bile travelling

  9. i want to see my friends...miss them. didn't get to see them before i left for this trip.

  10. tidoooo~~~

semoga dapat naik pangkat.hahahaha...dream on sarah~~~

i'm gonna miss the weather here. i hope KL will not be that hot.huhuhu.i got an email saying that the weather is going to be hot until September...woweeee...

and another my dear friends and also a reminder for myself..please be careful when you are outside. be alert and walk where the crowd is....the case of the acid splasher is scary!!

till then..take care~~~

April 29, 2011

my 1st cheesecake

i baked well not exactly baked...emm..i made my 1st cheesecake today. i'm so glad it turned out delicious and good. i thought that it was hard to make it but it was pretty easy.

so to celebrate my faiz's birthday, i made him this cake. i'm so glad he loves it.hehe

next time i can make it again. yay!

happy birthday baby boo! love you lots!

of course there was a celebration just him n me...we celebrated @ the curve...sorry for the bad image quality...hehe...i may need a new handphone.hahahaha

April 20, 2011

a week of together-ness

ohh...i'm loving it. i'm in Labuan for now. i got to spend time being a wife to my darling baby, faiz. now only i know the feeling and the responsibility of being a wife.hahaha. sebelum ni dok ngan family so it's different. now it's just the 2 of us.hehehe...

working from labuan not bad. i just need a few machines such as scanner, printer. but not to worry, i just asked my hubby to do all the scanning and printing for me.hahahah....the rest all alright.internet so far so good. i'm happy that my company understands the situation that i'm in and let me have some freedom. thanks to my boss.hehehe.

last weekend we spend our time in Sabah. this time in Kota Kinabalu for a day then off to Ranau....Mount Kinabalu...ohhh...i love the weather there. So nice and fresh!!!! i loveeeeee it!!!it was pretty cold up there. we stayed at Kinabalu Pine Resort. got an awesome view of Mount Kinabalu.weeee!!! Faiz can't stop taking pictures of it.heheh... we went to Desa Farm...tempat's almost like you see in fernleaf commercial, all the black and white cows grazing the green green grass, the mountains at the back, the sun shinning and you get the milk. i wanted to do a milk the commercial.. Got milk??? hehehe..but it didn't turned out because i can't seem to create the milk moustache..huhuh..salah technic kot. and time. guess what i shopped for??? vegetables!!!!!!!!!!!hahahha...pening kepala nak pilih sayur. i wish i buy all!

so where next in Sabah? i want to go snorkelling...i want to go to one of the island there.hehehe..enjoy some of the pictures.

April 08, 2011

jalan jalan work

or is it the other way around? hahaha...more like work work and jalan. work is all well. i can't say it's all good...there's up and down. as usual...they were some emotional moments...hahaha...that's me when i travel alone. please excuse myself.staying at ibis. room small and simple. near to office and shops. so it's okla. weather is getting colder everyday. lucky i brought my jacket along. i can't wait to be back. i miss eating chicken and meat. hahahaa. of all the things. i'm a veggie and seafood-ian now.oh i miss my meat. but today...i managed to eat chicken at last. fried chicken. ohh sedap nye boo, please bring me to eat kapC when i'm back.hehehe. i love eating pasta but when u have it every single meal except for breakfast, it's kinda boring. white, red what ever color pasta there's i think i have enough. guess what's for dinner? maggi mi. yes. maggi. go all the way to perth and i eat instant noodle. sedap's gonna be a seafood maggi. we will be cooking. we as in vic and me. yeah...vic is here also. at least i have someone to kaco. thanks ya vic. weekend is here people!!! yay!! but i will have to sacrifice one of the day to work. oh well. tomorrow i will do all. shop till i drop? more like shop till i'm broke. expensive here. l ast but not least.....nak BALIK!!!!!!!!!!!

March 30, 2011

Penang Trip 2011

brace yourself for this post. it's gonna be a post with pictures only.hahahaha.

and that's for our penang trip 2011.ohhh...sedap nye pisang goreng ni!!!! laksa janggus memang da best! baby however prefer nasi kandar line clear.