March 30, 2011

Penang Trip 2011

brace yourself for this post. it's gonna be a post with pictures only.hahahaha.

and that's for our penang trip 2011.ohhh...sedap nye pisang goreng ni!!!! laksa janggus memang da best! baby however prefer nasi kandar line clear.

March 14, 2011

fuh! what a weekend!

like i mention in my previous post, my weekend was a busy one.

angkat bag tido umah cni then pack balik bag tdo umah ni plak.huhuhu.the usual when baby is comes back. hehehe...

anywaaayyy...i got to watch 2 movies during the weekend. yes. sempat gak akhirnya menyelit activity tengok movie. first movie was 127 hours. based on a true story how this guy survived being stuck in a canyon when heis hand was trapped under a boulder.moral of the story: always inform someone where you are going and never give up. this guy didn't give up eventhough he almost gone crazy. got some gruesome part in the movie which i won't tell. you have to see it with your own eyes...baru la best.hehehe.

2nd movie was hikayat merong mahawangsa. directed by yusry-kru. well the kru brothers are involved in the making. not bad for a malaysian movie. i thought it was awesome. but there are some part that seems to be unreal. well done kru! oh...i think i want to watch their next movie called - karak....which is a scary movie and based on a true story.wakakakaka...kena tengok siang2 supaya malam leh tido.hehe.

then we attended 3 weddings. irzee, arfah and baizura (my neighbor)...and visit zara!! sangat comel. geram aunty sarah tengok. she slept most of the day or she ends up talking to also was brave enough to hold proud of you terlupa nak amik gamba zara..but i think baby ada. later i'll post her pic in here.

of course, weekend won't be great if you don't spoil your diet.hahaha...makan tak ingat.went back to umi's and ate nasi lemak, mee sup, and my all time 2 favorite - nasi kerabu and laksa!!!heheheh...rumah mama tak masak pun sbb nye tak dok umah pun. pagi petang malam kluar...opps..hehehe.

can't wait! i can't wait! 10 more days!!!

March 09, 2011

where to next

i'm dipping my feet in the cold water nowadays..just to test my luck outside. maybe there are better oppurtunities out there. who knows. i can never know until i've tried it right? so i finally dipped my feet in the big blue ocean and see where the waves will take me.

i can't wait to see what the future holds for me. whoot. whoot. maybe there'll be surprises and maybe not.

i have a new hobby already.hahaha..this is a really good one. i'm stuck at home just because i can spend hours in front of it. i know i'm not the creative type but this thing got me hooked! i like to paint now. friends will be shocked to know about new found hobby - paint. it's really therapeutic. no stress..just calm n relaxed. i can't wait to see the outcome of the first one.hehehe.

money matters: i would like to get rid of my credit cards. a friend of mine have finally achieved her dreams in being free from credit cards' debt. after she paid the balance, she immediately terminate all her cards. did you know that in malaysia, average age of being bankrupt because of credit card is 30 years old. oh when will i have the guts to get rid of my credit cards???

a very good day today. hope tomorrow will be good as well...oh tomorrow if stress balik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) another busy weekend up ahead. =) prepare yourself sarah!!

~~another perth trip coming? mcm mana nak save ni????bile nak save kena travel.huhuhu...

March 08, 2011

fairness work, life, etc....

hehehe...such a sensitive issue nowadays. well, this is how i overcome my furiousness of no fairness....i remind myself that all these are just duniawi semata-mata. i should really go and chase the goodies for akhirat. i just have to keep reminding myself that everything happens for a reason.

well in some cases, i do shout out my opinion but somehow it got lost in 'bermuda triangle'. it just got slipped away and everyone acts if it never happens.....and yes...including me as well. so when that happens, well, you know...i'm just freaking don't care anymore!
if it's for work...then i do my job, i finish my job, i get paid, i enjoy. and the cycle goes round and round again.

hey...look on the bright side, i have my families and friends who can cheer me up when i'm down. there are still people out there who cares for can you buy that? all the money in world won't be able to beat that!

ohh...kenapa saya tulis pasal benda ni? ada sessi luahan hati semalam.... kite patut bersyukur dengan ape yang kite peroleh.

i'm waiting for you to come back.i miss you. don't forget the things i pesan. love you baby boo.

March 01, 2011

filling in

just did my e-filing. yippie me. dpt money back.i loike.

guess what happened yesterday?

i met.......someone......i hadn't seen that someone for a long time......

i met Djah!!!!!! yay!!! i was so happy to see her. she was on her way up the escalator putra klcc and i was on my down...tetibe i heard someone shouted my name..i turned around and looked....Djah!!!!! then she came down. and we chatted for about 15mins - which was not enough - well a lot of catching up to we decided to meet again some other day. funny...whenever i meet her it will be here, klcc.hehehe..well i know u'll be reading this..u take care girl. i see u when i see u. hope everything goes ur way and we can meet more often. :)
let's see what had happened in and around my life for the last few months?
~ my house tengah renovate - huhhu..all messy.
~ i bought a house and i'll be jiran to my dear rumet.
~ baby zara is getting cute - er and skang i have a nickname for her. i'll pass down my nickname when i was little - gunduk.hehehe..i love you baby zara.
~ congrats to dzal n wife. may u live happily ever after.
~ congrats to ainul n pak din on ur newborn - aleena.
~ i miss dina, wani, aifaa....let's go minum2.
~ hello my dear friends who are very close but yet very far - ija, arina, fatin, fuzz.
~ last but not least.....miss u babyboo. can't wait for you to come back next week! :)

ok let me share some pictures...a gift for baby aleena and baby aleena. :)