March 08, 2011

fairness work, life, etc....

hehehe...such a sensitive issue nowadays. well, this is how i overcome my furiousness of no fairness....i remind myself that all these are just duniawi semata-mata. i should really go and chase the goodies for akhirat. i just have to keep reminding myself that everything happens for a reason.

well in some cases, i do shout out my opinion but somehow it got lost in 'bermuda triangle'. it just got slipped away and everyone acts if it never happens.....and yes...including me as well. so when that happens, well, you know...i'm just freaking don't care anymore!
if it's for work...then i do my job, i finish my job, i get paid, i enjoy. and the cycle goes round and round again.

hey...look on the bright side, i have my families and friends who can cheer me up when i'm down. there are still people out there who cares for can you buy that? all the money in world won't be able to beat that!

ohh...kenapa saya tulis pasal benda ni? ada sessi luahan hati semalam.... kite patut bersyukur dengan ape yang kite peroleh.

i'm waiting for you to come back.i miss you. don't forget the things i pesan. love you baby boo.

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