March 01, 2011

filling in

just did my e-filing. yippie me. dpt money back.i loike.

guess what happened yesterday?

i met.......someone......i hadn't seen that someone for a long time......

i met Djah!!!!!! yay!!! i was so happy to see her. she was on her way up the escalator putra klcc and i was on my down...tetibe i heard someone shouted my name..i turned around and looked....Djah!!!!! then she came down. and we chatted for about 15mins - which was not enough - well a lot of catching up to we decided to meet again some other day. funny...whenever i meet her it will be here, klcc.hehehe..well i know u'll be reading this..u take care girl. i see u when i see u. hope everything goes ur way and we can meet more often. :)
let's see what had happened in and around my life for the last few months?
~ my house tengah renovate - huhhu..all messy.
~ i bought a house and i'll be jiran to my dear rumet.
~ baby zara is getting cute - er and skang i have a nickname for her. i'll pass down my nickname when i was little - gunduk.hehehe..i love you baby zara.
~ congrats to dzal n wife. may u live happily ever after.
~ congrats to ainul n pak din on ur newborn - aleena.
~ i miss dina, wani, aifaa....let's go minum2.
~ hello my dear friends who are very close but yet very far - ija, arina, fatin, fuzz.
~ last but not least.....miss u babyboo. can't wait for you to come back next week! :)

ok let me share some pictures...a gift for baby aleena and baby aleena. :)

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