March 09, 2011

where to next

i'm dipping my feet in the cold water nowadays..just to test my luck outside. maybe there are better oppurtunities out there. who knows. i can never know until i've tried it right? so i finally dipped my feet in the big blue ocean and see where the waves will take me.

i can't wait to see what the future holds for me. whoot. whoot. maybe there'll be surprises and maybe not.

i have a new hobby already.hahaha..this is a really good one. i'm stuck at home just because i can spend hours in front of it. i know i'm not the creative type but this thing got me hooked! i like to paint now. friends will be shocked to know about new found hobby - paint. it's really therapeutic. no stress..just calm n relaxed. i can't wait to see the outcome of the first one.hehehe.

money matters: i would like to get rid of my credit cards. a friend of mine have finally achieved her dreams in being free from credit cards' debt. after she paid the balance, she immediately terminate all her cards. did you know that in malaysia, average age of being bankrupt because of credit card is 30 years old. oh when will i have the guts to get rid of my credit cards???

a very good day today. hope tomorrow will be good as well...oh tomorrow if stress balik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) another busy weekend up ahead. =) prepare yourself sarah!!

~~another perth trip coming? mcm mana nak save ni????bile nak save kena travel.huhuhu...

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