April 29, 2011

my 1st cheesecake

i baked well not exactly baked...emm..i made my 1st cheesecake today. i'm so glad it turned out delicious and good. i thought that it was hard to make it but it was pretty easy.

so to celebrate my faiz's birthday, i made him this cake. i'm so glad he loves it.hehe

next time i can make it again. yay!

happy birthday baby boo! love you lots!

of course there was a celebration just him n me...we celebrated @ the curve...sorry for the bad image quality...hehe...i may need a new handphone.hahahaha

April 20, 2011

a week of together-ness

ohh...i'm loving it. i'm in Labuan for now. i got to spend time being a wife to my darling baby, faiz. now only i know the feeling and the responsibility of being a wife.hahaha. sebelum ni dok ngan family so it's different. now it's just the 2 of us.hehehe...

working from labuan not bad. i just need a few machines such as scanner, printer. but not to worry, i just asked my hubby to do all the scanning and printing for me.hahahah....the rest all alright.internet so far so good. i'm happy that my company understands the situation that i'm in and let me have some freedom. thanks to my boss.hehehe.

last weekend we spend our time in Sabah. this time in Kota Kinabalu for a day then off to Ranau....Mount Kinabalu...ohhh...i love the weather there. So nice and fresh!!!! i loveeeeee it!!!it was pretty cold up there. we stayed at Kinabalu Pine Resort. got an awesome view of Mount Kinabalu.weeee!!! Faiz can't stop taking pictures of it.heheh... we went to Desa Farm...tempat susu.heheh..it's almost like you see in fernleaf commercial, all the black and white cows grazing the green green grass, the mountains at the back, the sun shinning and you get the milk. i wanted to do a milk commercial...like the commercial.. Got milk??? hehehe..but it didn't turned out because i can't seem to create the milk moustache..huhuh..salah technic kot. and then...shopping time. guess what i shopped for??? vegetables!!!!!!!!!!!hahahha...pening kepala nak pilih sayur. i wish i buy all!

so where next in Sabah? i want to go snorkelling...i want to go to one of the island there.hehehe..enjoy some of the pictures.

April 08, 2011

jalan jalan work

or is it the other way around? hahaha...more like work work and jalan. work is all well. i can't say it's all good...there's up and down. as usual...they were some emotional moments...hahaha...that's me when i travel alone. please excuse myself.staying at ibis. room small and simple. near to office and shops. so it's okla. weather is getting colder everyday. lucky i brought my jacket along. i can't wait to be back. i miss eating chicken and meat. hahahaa. of all the things. i'm a veggie and seafood-ian now.oh i miss my meat. but today...i managed to eat chicken at last. fried chicken. ohh sedap nye kapC...baby boo, please bring me to eat kapC when i'm back.hehehe. i love eating pasta but when u have it every single meal except for breakfast, it's kinda boring. white, red what ever color pasta there's i think i have enough. guess what's for dinner? maggi mi. yes. maggi. go all the way to perth and i eat instant noodle. sedap one...it's gonna be a seafood maggi. we will be cooking. we as in vic and me. yeah...vic is here also. at least i have someone to kaco. thanks ya vic. weekend is here people!!! yay!! but i will have to sacrifice one of the day to work. oh well. tomorrow i will do all. shop till i drop? more like shop till i'm broke. ohh...so expensive here. l ast but not least.....nak BALIK!!!!!!!!!!!