April 08, 2011

jalan jalan work

or is it the other way around? hahaha...more like work work and jalan. work is all well. i can't say it's all good...there's up and down. as usual...they were some emotional moments...hahaha...that's me when i travel alone. please excuse myself.staying at ibis. room small and simple. near to office and shops. so it's okla. weather is getting colder everyday. lucky i brought my jacket along. i can't wait to be back. i miss eating chicken and meat. hahahaa. of all the things. i'm a veggie and seafood-ian now.oh i miss my meat. but today...i managed to eat chicken at last. fried chicken. ohh sedap nye kapC...baby boo, please bring me to eat kapC when i'm back.hehehe. i love eating pasta but when u have it every single meal except for breakfast, it's kinda boring. white, red what ever color pasta there's i think i have enough. guess what's for dinner? maggi mi. yes. maggi. go all the way to perth and i eat instant noodle. sedap one...it's gonna be a seafood maggi. we will be cooking. we as in vic and me. yeah...vic is here also. at least i have someone to kaco. thanks ya vic. weekend is here people!!! yay!! but i will have to sacrifice one of the day to work. oh well. tomorrow i will do all. shop till i drop? more like shop till i'm broke. ohh...so expensive here. l ast but not least.....nak BALIK!!!!!!!!!!!

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