May 23, 2011

tak tau title ape nak letak

hello...i'm back. now i'm back in malaysia. so good to be back. aaaahhhh...

dapat jumpe hubby for awhile.that was nice. wish he could stay here longer.maybe i should go there and teman him.kesian die sorang2. chill kay sayang. in a few weeks we will see each other again..

my cousin got married last weekend. it was grand!!huhuhu..i was a bit left out with the wedding because i was away so that's why i was shocked when i knew about the VIP congrats to Mus and Azzah. i know you two aren't reading this but what da heck.just post it anyway. so this week will be our side to do the reception. again...i'm not sure what my role is.hahaha...nevermind..this friday i will ask.oooo....the photographer they hired for the wedding...danialzain.wooweeee.....i told baby that the photographer looks very familiar...then the both of us kept guessing...and finally baby said...i think his name is...zain something...and then suddenly, both of us remembered....hehehe...i can't wait to see the end product!

hubby & me

hubby, me, mama

hubby & 5 months baby Zara...

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