May 18, 2011

what you want to do when you reached back?

a long list awaits for me when i'm back. i do hope i can do everything before i leave again.

let's make a checklist now:

  1. hug my family

  2. eat nasi lemak sambal sotong =)

  3. help and enjoy my cousin's wedding

  4. eat

  5. eat

  6. eat

  7. kumpul duit lagi sebelum di hantar ke tempat lain

  8. maybe kena diet sebab asyik makan je bile travelling

  9. i want to see my friends...miss them. didn't get to see them before i left for this trip.

  10. tidoooo~~~

semoga dapat naik pangkat.hahahaha...dream on sarah~~~

i'm gonna miss the weather here. i hope KL will not be that hot.huhuhu.i got an email saying that the weather is going to be hot until September...woweeee...

and another my dear friends and also a reminder for myself..please be careful when you are outside. be alert and walk where the crowd is....the case of the acid splasher is scary!!

till then..take care~~~

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