June 08, 2011

shocking wednesday

today i woke up and do my chores...
make the bed, take a shower, sweep the floor, do laundry.

then at 8am sharp i turned on my laptop to start off my work. i also turned on the tv to watch some ceramah agama on channel 119 or tv9.

then i checked my emails. wow!!!! boy was i surprised by the email that i received. to shake the feeling off, i went and made my breakfast. after that i started working. continuing with the report that i left yesterday. with the help from houston and pakistan, i hope this report will work just the way it's suppose to be. so test here, change there, test again...suddenly i received another email. wow!!! again i was thrown away. double shocks today. and it's just beginning of the day. now what a way to start your wednesday????i mean....come on peeps...is there any other news that you can give?????....like i get promoted? or a raise?......but no...you just gotta throw it out on a beautiful, sunny wednesday morning.ohhhhhhh...why ohhh why...now you got me all worried and confused...huhuhuhu....

so i kept on eating and making myself fat. to make myself feel better i'm gonna start preparing for lunch. just to take my mind of the shocking...shocking news...today's menu..BUTTERMILK PRAWN. let's pray that it will taste good!!

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