June 02, 2011

some thanks and congrats to be made

this post is all about me giving out wishes to my dear family and friends.

currently i'm spending my time in Labuan with my hubby. i got 2 weeks this time around. so my first thank is to my boss. Thank you for understanding the condition i'm in and letting me work from home @ Labuan for 2 weeks.

next will be for Kak Nasrah. I'm not so sure if she reads my blog so just in case she does, congratualation on your wedding. i'm sure it will be a very joyous one! and you'll be a beautiful bride. welcome to next stage in life! embrace it and live it. sorry i could not make it to your wedding as i'm here. have a blast on your wedding day.

a birthday wish to my dear best friend, arina. i know this is an early birthday wish. at least early then forget.hahaha. happy birthday arina. thank you for our wonderful friendship. sila claim birthday present dari saya nanti k. hahahaha....saya taktau nak beli ape dah. siap discuss dengan ija and still tak ada conclusion.hahahaha...but don't worry..we will think of something. love you lots!!! btw...saya gi tengok rumah aritu. so far dieorg baru clear kan tanah kat situ. rupa- rupanya kawasan rumah tu sangat la besar....i mean the whole area that our house is on.hehehe.make sure kumpul duit untuk move in. we got 2 years..oppss..less than that.hehehe.

well another thing on my mind is our yearly vacation.our meaning ija, arina and myself. not so sure if huda wants to join also. i think she will. so far on our list...Singapore, HK, Taiwan. well the Taiwan was all Victoria idea. she said it's a shopping paradise.hehehhe..she kept telling me that she bought this and that for like RM10-Rm20!hehhee...so we still haven't decided where to go yet. so just wait where we will go.

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