July 11, 2011

it's been awhile

waahh..dah lama tak meng-update blog. terlalu busy sampai tak sempat nak update.

a lot of things happened for the past few weeks. and i've just been busy. no time to chill and relax.

a lot of things playing in my mind making me more tired but so grateful because i get a good night sleep at the end of the day.

hubby came back but we weren't together because he had to go to melaka. got to spend a few days with him and that i was thankful enough because i just need him to help me out.

for the time being, i 'm thankful that i don't have to travel anywhere so that i can help my family out. ayah just recovering from his leg operation and is handicapped for 3 months until his leg fully recovers. 3 months is a long time. being a parent is hard. i know ayah feels guilty because he can't do much now...he stills drives, thanks to automatic now and the operation was on his left. he still wants to cook...he just gives out instructions to my brothers to help him out. now...my brothers are all back in U, no one at home to help him out. it's kinda scary leaving him alone without any supervision. going up and down the stairs, going out...well...i just don't know what he'll do when he is alone. hahaha...risau berlebihan plak.takpe i think he'll manage himself pretty well.

all in all...i'm just glad that i can drive. so i can take him for his checkup, do chores...and etc. i so want to teach my mom to drive. she has her license but she's so afraid to drive. i was thinking...once she retires....how is she going around if she can't drive? huhuhu...susah wooo...mama keeps saying...mama nak beli kete untuk mama la. then all her children would laugh...yes mama...every morning, mama bangun and cuci kereta je. kereta tu jadi perhiasan kat porch je...hehehe..

teringin nak duduk senyap2 kat rumah and lepak.hopefully this weekend bole buat.

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