September 12, 2011

welcome my dear

i would like to say congrats to my dear sis, Fuz, for her new 4.09 kg baby boy. you go girl!!

you are so cute my dear child. may you be bless with wonderful things in your life. and remember you have lots on aunties or should i say mama who loves you very much. welcome to the world.

September 06, 2011

selamat hari raya

selamat hari raya to all. how's raya everyone? i do hope that you all had a good raya. anyway do continue on all the good things you have done through out the ramadhan. even though ramadhan is doesn't mean that we stop being close to Allah.

my raya was great.despite being car sick on the way back to melaka. i was looking foward to go back to kelantan but plan got cancelled. i ate a lot. every house we went to visit there's food. of course, i can't resist the smell of it so i have to have a taste.hehehe. baby said he gained a few kilos...his watch was loose during the fasting month but now it's tight again. lucky the wedding ring still you baby.

i get to meet my bff on raya. it was unplanned. called her up and asked where she was and she said she was in kepong. so baby and i went to her house. eija was also there. got to eat laksa.nyammmmm..sedap ok!! me hantu laksa so of course la sedapkan. kak nasrah and abang amir was also there. kak nasrah and i are due almost the same.hehehe..and fuzz is due anytime now. perut keras and besar.hehehe..comel sangat!!!i wonder what i'll be like during that stage...huhu...i can't wait for the baby to come.eheheh..but i haven't buy any present for the baby yet...huhu..nanti la i cari.

yay...another road trip is coming. this time to KK again but with baby's family. heheh..kena bawak bekal makanan banyak2 utk mengelakkan dari mabuk kereta and mabuk feri.heheh.bestnye dpt gi holiday...

baby...where are you planning to take me for our 1st anniversary? =)