December 12, 2011

ooo..sudah bersawang blog ini

time to update. last post was like 2 months. and baby faris also dah besar n panjang.huhu.ok i'm bad.

i have not been busy. it's just that i'm not sure what i should update about. there's a lot of things going in my life right now. i just don't know where to start.

i'm not sure if i have told it in my blog about me being pregnant. i'm having memory loss right now. maybe is the pregnant thingy..memory loss.haha. ok well. alhamdulillah i've made it to 6 months and still counting until this lil cute baby of mine pops out and say hi to the world. faiz and i have decided to not know the sexof this lil cute baby until he or she comes out. where this decision of ours have left the grandfathers and grandmothers to be 'crazy' of wanting to know and keep pushing us to know..they even wanted to follow me to checkups just to ask the doctor for the baby's sex.hehehehe...well nasib i made my checkups on a working day so that it would be hard for them to tag along. hahaha..but then, we also paid the price of not knowing the baby's sex. when i went for the detailed 3D scan, i was hoping to get a picture of the baby's my surprise, this lil baby played the surprise game to me. he / she hid the face by placing the arms right in front of it. so i didn't get to see the baby's face nor did i get any pictures of the baby..huhuhu. so it's fair. the parents didn't get to see the face, the grandparents also do not know the baby's sex. hopefully the rest of the pregnancy will go smoothly.

work wise..pretty relaxed. not much travel due to the condition i'm in. i chose it to be like that. just to be on the safe side actually. so no travelling nowadays. my last trip was to HCMC, Vietnam. it was for 1 week. i was like 2-3 months pregnant..i think. this trip was different because faiz went along. he was not keen on me travelling alone so he said he wanted to follow. i ok je..bilik hotel no problemo.hehehe.we end up broke as well because spend quite a lot on i have no idea what we bought.huhu.after the trip, faiz realized that he has no more now he only comes back to kl every 2 weeks. he coming back this weekend.yay!

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